Waymo’s fully self-driving cars are here

Waymo’s fully self-driving cars are here

Waymo, which started as the Google self-driving car project in 2009, is ready for the next phase. Starting now, Waymo’s fully self-driving vehicles — the most advanced self-driving vehicles on the road today — are test-driving on public roads, without anyone in the driver’s seat. And soon, members of the public will get to use these vehicles in their daily lives.

After more than eight years of testing and development, we’re ready to unlock the potential of fully self-driving technology, so we can make it easier and safer for everyone to get around.

Learn more: https://medium.com/@waymo/with-waymo-in-the-drivers-seat-fully-self-driving-vehicles-can-transform-the-way-we-get-around-75e9622e829a

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88 Responses

  1. Matt G (oPryzeLP) says:

    Wow did you see at 0:43? IT DIDN’T KILL THE PERSON. I’M SO IMPRESSED!

    • MRSEXY4EVER says:

      Matt G (oPryzeLP) jaded at the cutting edge…. Spoken like a true millennial

    • kola3ear says:

      Li dar

    • FerryXtheMercy says:

      Matt G (oPryzeLP) Isn’t it great? Just think of what this would mean if all cars were selfdriving and so reliable at stopping for pedestrians. No more need for pedestrian crossings, you could just cross any road anywhere and all the cars would stop to let you do so safely. With higher reliability and lower reaction times than any human driver could offer.

      Not sure what that would mean for the time it takes to get you from A to B in one of these though, once all or most pedestrians become aware of this feature 😁

    • Scratchthejeepguy says:

      Give it time… This is just the first version. The next version will be smart enough to kill or maim!

    • Jonathan Rendon559 says:

      FerryXtheMercy I would get so pissed because the. They would walk across while I have a green

  2. Connor Wertz says:

    I would be so much safer if everyone on the highway had one of these.

    • Clayton VanAlstyne says:

      Get in your safe space. God forbid you drive responsibly and are aware and not on your phone snap chat or tweeting like degenerate retard.

    • Nissan Skyline says:

      Connor Wertz Actually no. It will only become *safer* if every car on the road were self-driving. With non-self driving cars on the road with self-driving cars, there will be more variables.

    • Dante Gomez says:

      You idiot. Nobody’s hacked a Tesla yet!

    • Cesar Hernandez says:

      Engine malfunctions and ur fucked

    • Nissan Skyline says:

      Dante Gomez Not sure if you were sarcastic, but hackers already hacked the Tesla. There is a security firm from China that was able to hack a Tesla and gain full control of it. (They were able to gas, brake, open doors, open trunk and etc… You name it.) They exploited a bug in the OS. However, this firm reported the findings to Tesla and they patched it. *This goes to show that the Tesla and all electronic based controlled cars are hack-able.*

  3. Bung Kusi says:

    I wish I have waymo.
    I could sleep in the car when there’s traffic jam.
    I could relax and answering email & IM while ‘driving’ my kids to school.

  4. Francesco Di Mauro says:

    can’t wait to not have to drive in traffic… or drive in general… ever again! go waymo!

    • Nissan Skyline says:

      Grandma Melson I understood what I read. But I choose to leave a comment addressing “traffic”. I wanted to continue the conservation into the problem with traffic with or without self-driving cars. *Maybe you are the dumbass here? I mean, you felt the need to insult someone to feel big about yourself…*

    • Jacob Scott says:

      Nissan Skyline, self driving cars actually would eliminate traffic. Most traffic is caused by people’s lack of spatial awareness combined with their slow reaction times. The chain reaction usually begins if a single car needlessly slams on their brakes. Plenty of fascinating online videos about this.

    • 00 says:

      traffic is caused by humans. self-driving cars on the road that can maintain safe distance and speed, will not cause traffic jams. its the retarded human who is texting or has a slow reaction time that causes the problems.

    • Nissan Skyline says:

      Jacob Scott I would argue self driving cars would eliminate traffic *only when everyone is in a self-driving car. Until then; having a mix of self driving cars and non self driving cars on the road will probably cause the same amount of traffic we have today.

    • Grandma Melson says:


  5. itzKal says:

    I’m looking forward to hopping into one of these but still not sure how I feel about sharing them. What if someone that used it before left a mess, a syringe on a seat, or drugs? Can you imagine getting pulled over and saying, “I have no idea where this came from officer”. lol

  6. Kaze says:

    This is how I prefer to get around. I don’t want to deal with a stranger from Uber. And I don’t want to walk to a bus stop. I want a automated car that would pick me up at my home and take me where I want to go. If they offer this service here, I would use it immediately.

  7. OculusGames says:

    This is a huge step forward for self driving cars, I just hope everything will go as planned. Fingers crossed.

    • uber sucks says:

      OculusGames if you think it’ll go as planned, you’re an idiot. These pieces of shit are going to be way more trouble than they’re worth.

    • grantcivyt says:

      +OculusGames It’s important to remember that no progress every came from timid people. We wouldn’t have cars at all if Ford shut down on the first death. The way to evaluate this is whether or not individuals choose to use Waymo to get around. I would feel safer, for sure. It would also be much more convenient.

      For those that don’t want to, they can keep driving their cars as always.

    • Victor Hernandez says:

      I’m hack them and have them crash into other cars and kill innocent lives.

  8. Hug Me says:

    What about those poor EMT’s, fire fighters and emergency respondents you’ll be putting out of work? Does anyone ever think about them? Along with all the ER doctors and funeral home owners who aren’t going to have the 60 deaths a day from car accidents to provide their living. What are they going to do now?

  9. TiggerLiveToo says:

    put it in London, in the dark, and the snow, then I will be impressed, cars running around pre programmed routes on a bright sunny day means nothing and where was all the other traffic?

    • 00 says:

      Can you guys actually do research before sounding like idiots? This is L4 technology, meaning it can only handle sunny and “normal” weather. L5 is inclement weather. dumbasses.

    • omid dorrani says:

      are you fucking stupid? Does the car have eyes?

    • Kris B says:

      I don’t understand why we aren’t using tax dollars to upgrade our infrastructures to help with the self-driving cars, like sensors in the road or something. Seems risky relying on the current infrastructure that was built without any thought of self-driving cars.

    • Cool Dude says:

      TiggerLiveToo IM WITH YOU
      I want these to be tested in New York City
      And many other HIGH TRAFFIC places around America and the world even before I am impressed

    • Shellyman Vol.2 says:

      Why do you think auto detect lasers are there for?

  10. ddlovetts says:

    Until it has a plastic chauffeur called Jonny Cab, I’m out.

  11. Shalazen says:

    Sounds great till someone hacks them.

  12. Andrey Kuznetsov says:

    Now show what it does under unexpected situations, that’ll be a real test. Los of companies can achieve drive between the lines, stop when this object is in front of you, but can you respond to unexpected actions and events and react like a human or safer?

    • Computer says:

      Andrey Kuznetsov
      Uh… Yes? That is the entire point of this. These cars are not in a controlled environment, these are real public roads with real traffic and real people.

      People aren’t intelligent enough to realize that these unique events are in fact not unique at all. You might see some sort of crazy event with multiple cars and a complex system of rules which resulted in an accident, but all the car sees is an obstacle which it must avoid, and that’s all it needs to see.

    • Buzz LightBeer says:

      *tested for years* all over California. California has deserts, mountains, busy streets, steep busy streets, 65 mph merging. I have seen the test vehicles many times.

    • Isaac Castro says:

      but remember cant do imposibles, some imminent accidents will always happen with assholes driving

    • 00 says:

      Humans CANT react to things faster than an autonomous car. Are you kidding me…. where do people come up with this BS.

  13. obigalish says:

    I am ultimately happy about this, but say goodbye to all driving jobs. Automated driving has arrived.

    • Allamut2909 says:

      this is direct impact…imagine the scope of indirect issues.

    • uber sucks says:

      It hasn’t arrived and it never will. The infrastructure does not support these. There will be countless accidents and they will be far more trouble than they’re worth. Time and money would’ve been better spent on educating the stupid imbeciles of this planet.

    • dirtyzombiedude says:

      obigalish one word that destroys your theory (winter) as in slush and snow gets on the sensors bye bye sensors but im sure years from now they will have addressed that.

    • Finn the Human says:

      busses would never be too late!!

  14. japanimater777 says:

    Just you watch. I bet millions, it not billions of dollars worth of lobbying, most likely by car manufacturers, will keep this from taking off.
    Greedy corporations love to keep us from having innovative and advanced futures for the sake of continued profits

    • hotpopize says:

      I don’t see how car manufacturers will Lobby against this however i can see insurance companies losing so much money due to the safety and responsibility of a robot where they will Lobby against it

    • A3MON says:

      I’m pretty sure Google can out bid any old corporation that intends to stop this driverless revolution.

    • Cool Dude says:

      japanimater777 actually from what I learned in an economics class and a video from prager university
      It’s because of rich people who bought good futuristic products that they actually became cheap for the less wealthy classes

    • ddstar says:

      greedy corporations? LOL you are so fucking dumb. Go back to Venezuela you commie.

  15. Moto Noob says:

    I wish I had this so I could use my phone while commuting….oh wait. all you assholes already do that.

  16. epSos.de says:

    This technology will save millions of lives. As long as they never upgrade to a buggy software in all cars at the same time 🙂

    • Jake J. says:

      Thousands of people saved from DUI accidents every year. It’s worth losing the thrill of driving to save lives.

    • Filiz Nouri says:

      Yeah right epSos.de?

    • Andrew G says:

      New laws will be required. Over the next generation I think it’s likely we’ll see lanes dedicated to self driving and that will evolve into entire highways and freeways since those vehicles can communicate making it possible to eliminate traffic jams completely with this technology fully adopted not to mention drastically reduce accidents. They will still happen of course. Blow outs, debris, all sorts of random shit flying off of cars and whatnot will still cause fatalities.

      And there will always be human drivers. Always. They just might not be welcome most places in 50 years

    • Andrew G says:

      New technology almost always causes a shift in labor. You’ll never get anywhere with the “save the jobs” argument. It’s the nature of progress and economics. People in those jobs will have to pack up and move on.

  17. Medically_High says:

    Why maintain the design of regular cars.. they can just take out the front seats and create a futuristic design that even lacks the steering wheel!

    • Ev an says:

      Medically_High its just in case something unnatural occurs and self driving cant help. For example, lost in gps or road block needing to access a different route instead of full stop.

  18. John OBrien Gardener says:

    I’ve seen some impressive videos of self-driving cars avoiding accidents that a human driver would have had difficulty avoiding. The tech is still in development but it looks promising! If you want to see how unskilled people can be at driving, there are plenty of car crash / dash camera videos on YouTube!

  19. worthingtonswands says:

    Costs waymo than an Uber.

    • 00 says:

      Probably not. In the long term it’ll be cheaper as you don’t have to tip and an entire fleet of them will be at your service.

    • James White says:

      Keep in mind the will push behind seld driving cars is to automate truck driving(largest indusrty in america that will result in tons of industries automated) The begining of the automatikn of most jobs as begun. Lets see how fast it happens.

    • Henri Bergeron says:

      I don’t think it was meant to be taken seriously. But it was very…….PUNNY! Ok I’ll leave now

    • Average User says:

      I see what you did there worthingtonswands and I’m totally impressed. LOL

    • Zakariya says:

      I think trucks will be autonomous very soon but it will be a long time before public is comfortable with a vehicle that size with no human supervision on the roads.

  20. www.GPcarAudio.com says:

    Finally a designated driver. Can it also order taco bell clearly at the drive thru?

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