We Are Witnessing History In The Making

We Are Witnessing History In The Making

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44 Responses

  1. FreeDawkins says:

    Your videos never disappoint my man! This is another masterpiece 🐐

  2. Ivan Wood says:

    The sound, the title, the thumbnail, the script, the voice, the edition, the energy, this is “-BY FAR” the best channel i have ever seen, and that include EVERY single sport that exist

  3. jbb says:

    The craziest part about Luka is that it still feels like he can get so much better

    • Ty Wood says:

      @Kingston Hawke try and say that again without waffling

    • La Horca says:

      @Kingston Hawke are u high?

    • Shawn says:

      @Kingston Hawke “not well liked” According to who?

    • Kingston Hawke says:

      Luka is a gimmick, but everyone blames everyone and everything else.

      He gets more points and rebounds because they don’t play traditional, but not playing traditional also is why they are a .500 team. No one says it’s Luka’s fault he has to learn to play more traditional, they just say, I wish he had a top five teammate.

      Sucks on defense, shoots poorly, and can’t play with traditional bigs. Oh, and he’s super maxed and not well liked, so it’ll be almost impossible to ever build a team around him. 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Aaron Jaffe says:

      He’s doing all this without shooting well from 3 yet. He’s at 30% on the season, compared to 35% the last two years. But if he could start shooting 3’s in the low 40%’s it feels like he’ll break the nba.

  4. ImKarl says:

    Hopefully, you upload an update on this after the all star break. There are still so many games left , some of them would go back to Earth for sure. But yes, it is always fun to see these great players in action.

  5. NukemDukem says:

    It’s going to be great watching Luka for years 🙂

  6. Aj Adolfo says:

    Jimmy needs a spot/segment on ESPN or something. This is seriously some of the best, well thought out, and impressively researched content I’ve ever seen period

  7. Sarashiki says:

    The problem with the PPG graphic is that nowadays defense is treated with much more scrutiny resulting in higher amounts of foul calls and points. Teams are giving up more shots and transitioning to a completely offensive game which is why you can expect 9/10 games to go triple digits and beyond. I think the mvp caliber players are all good scorers but these numbers are heavily inflated from just playing in a different era.

    • CFL says:

      This should be factored in and is definitely worth a mention. The league is so slanted towards offense nowadays in terms of foul calls and rules (players can take three steps sometimes even more, moving screens are rarely called, etc.) that you do have to take these insane numbers with a grain of salt. Players are averaging so many points because the league wants them to. Look no further than their international numbers to prove it.

    • FtgJ32 says:

      Draymond watchin the Bulls play “that’s a half time score” right😂

  8. Jedreck Acquissa says:

    Playoffs is gonna be crazy this year if everyone keeps it up 🔥

  9. juanfrainsane says:

    There’s just something that numbers can’t explain in luka’s game and imo that’s why he’ll win the award. The man is as clutch as Mj rn, you can almost see the fear in their rivals. Absolutely insane

  10. SuperNASCARrocks says:

    That’s crazy that Steph has the highest true shooting percentage in history while averaging an insane 32 PPG. The MVP race is wide open.

    • lukas ralys says:

      @qutz 33 pts with higher usage

    • Nike Tech says:

      He’s team not doing well so he won’t win it. And if you say that’s unfair well remember it’s how VALUABLE you are so clearly you not the most valuable if your teams losing a ton

    • Emmanuel Alagbala says:

      @TheMusiqKing Lmao if it was indivudual, Lebron would’ve won FMVP 5 years in a row

    • GOW says:

      In my opinion it’s not wide open. Only like 4 guys are legit contenders.

      Steph is one of them.

    • NBA ssasin says:

      And while being a point guard, in a sense dudes 3 is morw precise than any other players layup ever… let that sink in
      I dont even like the guy but damn that is crazy to me

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