We Asked Trump Supporters About the Khan Controversy. Here’s What They Said

We Asked Trump Supporters About the Khan Controversy. Here’s What They Said

Interviews with Trump supporters at a Trump rally in Ashburn, Virginia, Aug. 2, 2016.

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20 Responses

  1. Alvin Thompson says:

    I love how they always purposely choose the red necks to do the interviews
    to try and give them a since of ingnorance. Hillary negotiates with
    terrorists. Ffs she started Libya’s terrorist over throw when she purposely
    armed “militants”(terrorists) to kill Muammar Gaddafi all because he wanted
    to change his country’s currency to dinars from a shitty worthless
    currency. He was killed for trying to better his country’s economical
    situation. The US felt it was there place to intervene. Now ISIS has taken
    over Libya and has spread like a stage 4 cancer across the mid east into
    Europe. And the only people we have to thank for that is Hillary and Obama.
    The people who love to do deals with terrorists, the ones who love to let
    go hundreds of captured terrorists even though we lost thousands of men
    capture them, those are the people we have to blame. And we want to give
    them a second chance?

  2. John Rocket says:

    LOL don’t forget who voted for the war. Basically sent Khan to his death.

  3. Dman The Legend says:

    Why did it have to come to the two worse choices? Seriously?

  4. KAD10895 says:

    LOOK AT THE SIZE OF HIM, I’ve never seen someone so overweight mother of

  5. mighty0mario says:

    Francisco why?! Why Francisco…..?!

  6. Brandon Paredes says:

    This fucking dude is wearing a “Hillary for Prison” XD lol these dudes are
    so ridiculous it’s comical

  7. Fahad Qureshi says:

    What a bunch of cruel fucking redneck idiots

  8. motoliterider says:

    If anyone isn’t aware Mother Jones is a liberal propaganda site that keeps
    a tight grip on its comments section. You can be assured that these
    interviews were chosen to support their narrative and it failed.

  9. Gilles says:

    Funny how the only “trending” U.S. political videos are ones that oppose

  10. Toska says:

    I now see that 75% of Trump supporters are rednecks. like I assumed in the
    first place.

  11. HoustonProductions1 says:

    Anyone who calls Hillary Clinton ‘evil’ is out of their mind. She may be
    lying or power hungry, but she’s not evil. Hitler was evil. Satan is evil.
    Don’t blow things out of proportion.

  12. The Genius says:

    If Trump becomes President, every country will laugh at us for picking this
    idiot. At least ISIS will be dying in laughter.

  13. Samy Hacker says:

    WTF this election showed me a HOLE new face to america i did not know.

  14. kingpin571 says:

    is it just me or does Google/youtube seem a little bit biased about the

  15. Zain Kazmi says:

    Flicking hillbilly hicks dragging America down again.

  16. Nathaniel Krefman says:

    Lol this guy: “I believe she is an absolutely evil woman who has no
    —->>compulsion<<-- about lying, which is a proof of sociopathic tendencies."

  17. mafijaspravi says:

    why is the wetback supporting trump

  18. hamza bob says:

    The fat dude was kinda right trump doesn’t go by the political rules so he
    does what he wants and I guess defending yourself isn’t bad

  19. Derek Torrico says:

    why is that giant tomato talking?

  20. Allyson Lee says:

    I’m so happy I don’t live in the US