We asked Trump voters: “When did America stop being great?”

We asked Trump voters: “When did America stop being great?”

Here are their answers, direct from the GOP convention in Cleveland. Video by James West.

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20 Responses


    The woman at the last of the video should be the next president

  2. Erasmo DURAN says:

    2:04 she’s voting for Trump because someone gets a free rice Krispy at the

  3. Captain Obvious says:

    was it ever great?

  4. Jlbernabe831 says:

    people should get off the couch and work…actually work. stop trying to
    fukk each other and work together..too much.money can poison minds.and
    souls. it can blind the best of people all the problems, if you get to the
    root its money. like they say too much money makes Jack a dull boy.

  5. Shawn Blahut says:

    If you thought this was bad, watch a tuck frump video.

  6. Code says:

    You guys realize you can go to any event and record a lot of people and
    just choose the ones that would make you guys salty.

  7. AUDIO HAHA says:


  8. VoicelessFan says:

    Bunch of white people supporting Trump what a shocker who would of thought

  9. Crybaby In The Badlands says:

    “All these shooters are gay and muslim” You clearly forgot about Columbine.

  10. linger4605 says:

    When you try to hear these people out and they make no sense and get no
    point across. Just like Donald, they ramble and come to no conclusion other
    than “this is my country.” God help us!

  11. Ders JuanPablo says:

    Stopped being great when Bush walked into power

  12. Nasty2015 says:

    America stopped being Great January 21st 2009. And Mother Jones can kiss my

  13. Infamous Juicebox says:

    This lady was talking about a “nanny state”. Well fun fact a portion of
    Trump’s supporters are male, high school dropouts. They want an easy job
    they don’t have to work for. They feel they are better than laying bricks,
    or nailing roofs, but they’re not. Then they complain when immigrants
    (usually minorities, Hispanics) take “their” jobs.

  14. alex portland says:

    You could do the same thing with Hillary supporters. There are dumb people
    on every side. Preying on people who don’t know anything about why they’re
    voting for who they are doesn’t prove anything. If you resort to that, you
    prove that you don’t believe in your own argument’s legitimacy enough for
    it to stand alone. Don’t get me wrong. Donald Trump is the king of bashing
    others. But I don’t believe that he actually believes what he’s saying
    about them. He just wants YOU to. He got this far into the race by
    eliminating his competition. Now that he can see the finish line, the real
    campaign starts. I think we will all be surprised by the about-face Trump
    will make. It will be more about why he is right than why others are wrong.
    I think the policies hold their own. The majority of people who don’t like
    Trump don’t even know why. It’s just a meme. It’s a bandwagon. Minds are
    gonna change. Especially in the face of Hillary. I don’t know how she isn’t
    in jail. She should be.

  15. Death the kid lover says:

    Hey I’m from KCMO!

  16. DGK_ skater says:

    LMFAO trump and trump supporters sick ass

  17. Tx Junior says:

    fuvk donald trump

  18. StarlingofAzerath says:

    The only thing i can say is that at least these people aren’t punching each
    other and causing fights and riots like the more crazy Trump supporters.
    They are stating their opinions and being civil about it. They aren’t
    screaming like a psycho cause someone talked to them.

  19. big c pimp daddy says:

    stop u idiots. if u where already awaken u would know is just a setup in
    politics and the satanist elite, play both sides and devide the people.
    they gona cancel the election and obama is going to drive this country to
    the grown. creating ww3 and kill billions for population control and bring
    in the antichrist. sounds like a buch of bs. well look it up. while ur
    arguing. they are meeting in secrete places sacrificing ur mussing kids to
    satan. those are ur leaders america. havent u notice the stars of the
    republican logo are now facing down. wake uppp. wake up

  20. Tranquil Experiences says:

    It all started when the 2016 presidential election began.