We Ate the Squares

We Ate the Squares

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34 Responses

  1. Leeroy says:

    Mmnn square food

    • Jesus Saves! says:

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      When you trust in God and cast your cares (worries, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts) upon him, they will be NO MORE!
      Know that there is power in the name Jesus Christ! His name casts out demons and heals!

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    • Ahmad Aneeq says:

      @Knash Boi yeah it’s getting low in quality

    • silas says:

      Drew Drew drew Drew drew drew Drew

    • M W says:

      @Knash Boi you must be new here

  2. That One Marveller says:

    The fact that that this video isn’t sponsored by square space is heart breaking

  3. Grace McEuen says:

    Absolutely obsessed with Drew saying “good game” as he bro hugs his wife. That’s the kinda relationship I’m after tbh

  4. TheJadedRose says:

    These two have a sense of humor that really complements each other. They should get married or something.

  5. Toomany Francis says:

    I like how customer support called the yellow juice on your chicken squares “secret sauce” and then told you how they make the sauce.

  6. Got Milk? says:

    I love that Drew’s ads are funny and not agonizing to watch

  7. Abby Wolffe says:

    I love that they made square versions of nuts, as if a small pack of pistachios isn’t convenient to eat anyway

    • Em says:

      Neurodivergent is a term that includes Autism, ADHD, and other mental and development traits that are considered “abnormal” Not just autistic people. And not just autistic people struggle with food! So sorry if you don’t like it but it’s the more correct term to use

    • Livy Ann says:

      @Crocsy yes! I just don’t get the appeal to the general public!! But as an autistic person (I actually don’t like the term neurodivergent tbh) I could definitely see how this kind of food could be helpful to that specific population. You make a good point about the shape! I mean even the general public likes fun shapes! What I disagree with is that dino nuggies are “junk”. Honestly, especially with severe and wide ranging food adversions, if a child with ASD is eating and is getting enough calories and vitamins (even if it’s via supplements), that’s what’s most important. I’m still tube fed for the majority of my calories due to a digestive disorder and I’d much rather children with ASD eat dino nuggies than be tube fed, sensory wise it’s not great and comes with complications. Plus depending on their nutritional needs, the formula needed could be more processed than dino nuggies, like my formula which is more lab made than grown food.

    • Crocsy says:

      @Livy Ann They could’ve marketed these square meals differently, as neurodivergent-friendly food: make these healthy alternatives but maybe cut them in funny cute shapes like cars and animals, then BOOM you have a customer base of parents/educators of special needs individuals that don’t want to feed their kids trashy food like over processed dino nuggets.

    • AISHWARYA NAIR says:

      There’s an Indian sweet dish called “chikki” it’s probably what you’re looking for

    • tumblrgrlietakesovr309 says:

      @derek diana johnson theyre not really squares, they have RoUnDeD eDgEs!!!

  8. Buttercup says:

    This takes “three square meals a day” to a whole other level

  9. Lacey Davin says:

    You and Amanda have such incredible chemistry, the two of you are so funny and like flawlessly are complements to each other. It’s inspiring and really entertaining!!!

    Also “That was a weird thing to put on the news” had my dying

  10. Nathan s says:

    Holy shit the ending busted my gut. Bro-hugging your wife, a news segment outro and then questioning it.

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