We Bought Cheap Garbage from TikTok

We Bought Cheap Garbage from TikTok

We Bought the Worst Dropshipping Products on TikTok
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32 Responses

  1. Samer Rihani says:

    You guys should do an episode buying food from people on Facebook marketplace, the content it would make… beautiful.

  2. SuperMega says:

    Great work Max and Chad, keep it up!
    – Matt and Ryan

  3. secret says:

    This is the healthiest episode ever. Max definitely got his weekly veggies.

  4. iIliterati says:

    Just want to point out the hand thing is not for assistance picking things up, it’s actually for physical therapy, for people that have had bad hand injuries and need to make sure their fingers don’t atrophy or lose dexterity.

    • Andrew Mohan says:

      I always thought it was for people with serious arthritis (could probs be used for that) but use you’ve explained makes so much sense

    • deadpxn says:

      @Dylan Monstrum To be fair I think that guy was joking, tearing off half your fingernail (which I have done) I’d wager is not quite as bad as 27 different breaks in a shattered hand (which I have not done) ;’)

    • Dylan Monstrum says:

      @richy ket Pain with fingers are really bad, the res just SO many nerves. I broke a collar bone, and it hurt when it happened,but was fine the next day, but fingers… That’s very different!

    • richy ket says:

      @Dylan Monstrum Broke my finger nail down the middle once. I know your pain man, it gets better

    • gary says:

      Like dr strange

  5. Sinistrality says:

    I love how all of them semi-worked and they were so disappointed that they all worked properly that they just start breaking them.

  6. frofrozzty says:

    I love how new-age cold ones is just a high-concept, belligerently drunk, and feverish product review channel now.

    Top 10 channels of all time for me honestly

  7. Lucas Chudzij says:

    I like how of all the things they review, they are really amazed at kitchen appliances that cut stuff.

  8. Cryptomaniac says:

    This channel has really gotten a lot funnier, the editing humor they put on every video is hilarious. Keep it up guys🤙

    • Auto Robot says:

      Ight nevermind this wasn’t edited by Prezoh, I’m a ding dong

    • Auto Robot says:

      Exactly! Max and Chad are a great comedic duo by themselves, but Prezoh their editor ties the whole thing together so well.

  9. Dakota Dilmore says:

    This video really should just be called “Max and Chad accidentally reviewing Assistive Technology”

  10. alexkurtbaker94 says:

    Max is like the adult version of a baby, he will stick anything in his mouth.

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