We Broke Monopoly with Technoblade, Tommyinnit and Philza Minecraft

We Broke Monopoly with Technoblade, Tommyinnit and Philza Minecraft

Start playing Genshin Impact 2.0 HERE: https://mhy.link/5e2jFDA6
Thanks to Genshin Impact for sponsoring this video!

Filmed Live on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/wilbursoot
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Edited: https://www.instagram.com/elodie.gif/

Music used:
Incompetech – Kevin Macleod

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47 Responses

  1. random user 64 says:

    “No friendships have ever ended because of monopoly”

    I wish i could say that was true

  2. Wilbur Soot says:

    Hey guys hope you enjoy the video!
    Start playing Genshin Impact 2.0 HERE: https://mhy.link/5e2jFDA6

  3. OwO says:

    Technoblade really wasn’t in the mood to destroy his friendship in this, since he did that to orphans instead.

  4. Sam says:

    Technoblade: No friendships have ever ended because of monopoly
    Also Technoblade:
    1. Turn off our pcs
    2. Change our names
    3. Never talk to each other again

    • V bucks Roblox says:


    • You Are Nice 53 says:

      Hope you are well Sam and everyone who sees this comment

    • ayay25 says:

      “may we be friends in the next life”

    • Rauda 10 says:

      The devil doesn’t want you to go to heaven, the devil wants to take you to hell with sin!! Jesus can take your sins away if you repent and make him your Lord. If you don’t repent then your sins will take you to hell that’s why Jesus came to this earth to save sinners so they can go to heaven. Satan came to fill your life with sin and take you to hell🔥

    • Blue says:

      @Rauda 10 cool tell him I’ll be there to play Mario kart in like 90 years

  5. Squidylich says:

    wilbur easily coulda won if he put a hotel on his talisman

  6. Rumblenine 9 says:

    Alternate title: Wilbur’s firewall blocking games for 18mins and 30secs straight while Tommy, Techno and Phil watch

  7. lovinq tokyo says:

    genshin out here sponsoring everyone in the dreamsmp

    • jungkook simp says:

      “tae vahht”

    • MGD233 says:

      @LavendeeyI’m not completely sure on who it was because I don’t usually watch George’s and Bads streams but I think some people in George’s chat were being disrespectful towards the characters and I think some people were calling Venti Dream and George’s “love child” or whatever just because he has a colour scheme of blue and green

      edit: but that was just one person, the Venti stuff

    • Porkishi says:

      @Lavendeey I wouldn’t be surprised if it was everyone, (no offense) but most people who watch the dsmp are pretty young so they don’t rlly get that it’s bad to make fun of other cultures.

    • Jamychal says:

      @Gooseiez please, do make sure to watch less. Its so predictable now. I Miss the old times

    • Snowy Leaf says:


  8. Annoyed Potato says:

    Every time tommy dies wilburs internet is like “ there’s no point in playing if Tommy’s not here”

  9. Lonely Sandwich says:

    “Let’s play Monopoly”

    Last words before shocking disaster
    -Wilburs Internet

  10. Just Some Guy without a Mustache says:

    Wilbur: “I won’t hurt you Phil”

    The lie detector determined that was a lie

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