We Broke The Fortnite Elimination Record.. (81 Kills)

We Broke The Fortnite Elimination Record.. (81 Kills)

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19 Responses

  1. Cole Parkinson says:

    Glad to see lachy and lazarbeam running it up! My dream is just to see a squad game of lazar, lachy, muselk, and fresh. That would be a Goated lobby

  2. 👇VBUCKS-15👇 says:

    Lachy always has the best content

  3. 💘TAP BELOW👇 says:

    No one noticed how Lachlan got a gold degal than a gold combat from back to back chests

  4. Owlbert says:

    My first Lazarbeam livestream since like chapter 1 and it was a blast. Loved watching this and I’ll gladly do it again

    Also Alex stop dying

  5. Launcher says:

    Suprisingly Lachy was the best int the squad, keep up the great work!

  6. Mateo Shullio says:

    Lazar couldn’t break 10 kills 😂 He just joined to have his name in the record

    • Jstn says:

      i feel like this shouldnt even count they were just getting fed
      all his ten kills that happened were literaly stream snipers walking to his wall

    • the birdfromtwitter1 says:

      @Jstn yeah it doesn’t actually count because they were all stream snipers but they’re just doing it for fun

  7. Kompadoodle says:

    i dont watch u very much and i thought you were bad but youre actually insane at the game your aim is crazy good

  8. Hoodie Prodzz™ says:

    I was watching the stream, it was insane watching Lazar’s POV!

  9. Cam says:

    Imagine if this was ranked

  10. Micah Neumann says:

    The fact that Lachy called that it was gonna be a kill record💀

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