We Broke Up

We Broke Up

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68 Responses

  1. Kimy Almisbkawy says:

    This is the definition of “right person,wrong time”

  2. Charvi Bethu says:

    Me looking through the comments hoping the comments saying its a joke

  3. Sara-Ève Boucher says:

    I can’t see Nessa with an other guy and I can’t see Josh with an other girl😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Meggie Ernst says:

    The amount of maturity in this video just shows how much they care for each. Much love to the both of them.

  5. Daniela Gama says:

    “dOnT cRy cUz iF yOu cRy tHeN iM gOnNa cRy aNd ThEn jUsT GoNnA bE a wHoLe ViDeO oF uS cRyNg”

  6. MELAINA KENIN says:

    “There’s a point where you love someone so much that you can let them go.”
    Quote. Of. The. Century.

  7. Julie M says:

    just like when he left sway, the edits are gonna make him cry like they did then😂 he literally almost cried on tiktok live bc he was talking about the edits and stuff that fans have made😂😭

  8. Falon Wiles says:

    Who else is sitting there waiting for them to say, “just kidding we still love each other!” ?

  9. clxviia says:

    The only reason I cried is because I could feel the pain in Nessa’s eyes. It really hurt me tbh.

  10. Lnhskxj Ldoe says:

    2020 is the worst year, confirmed 😭🥺

  11. samantha says:

    The way josh just looks at her and doesn’t interrupt her is just so sweet, he is such a gentleman and idk I’m just mad they broke up

  12. Laura Sikan says:

    I literally hoped till the end that it‘s a joke but it isn’t like that 😭

  13. crystal hatch says:

    I love how calm they were about everything. It made the situation better.

  14. Victoria sophia Bastardo Pérez says:

    Josh: takes a break of the sway
    Also josh: kinda break up with nessa
    Me: you forgot the “SIKEEEE” on everything 😭

  15. Kimberley Simpson says:

    Josh with his friends and josh with nessa is a totally different person

  16. Laura Peres says:

    The way that he said that he always will want her friendship is so cute.

  17. Lucy’s Land says:

    I wish my breakup went that good. He hasn’t talked to me in 3 months

  18. Becky Jackson says:

    anyone else think this was really random? like i was not expecting this

  19. Mystic Wolf says:

    “i actually had a photo shoot that i stopped to come to this” aww nessa

  20. Sophia P says:

    No hate, but I feel like every person on Tik Tok starts a music career. She’s still a good singer though

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