we broke up.

we broke up.

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33 Responses

  1. ItzAlex says:

    this is very mature of Bryce. no fake tears, no dissing. he’s being as honest as he can so respect their privacy.

  2. kenzie and more says:

    The internet ruined their relationship

  3. Aakriti Verma says:

    “When you are not feeling like the crazy, happy guy that you ‘act’ to be”. This really hurt

  4. DiCeCroft says:

    At last when he said “peace” his eyes were already watering. See carefully. My good wishes are with you my man. Respect.

  5. Malihas Cravingz says:

    It’s just a normal breakup why does everyone have to take so seriously like really everyone needs they’re own space

  6. Anishba Munira says:

    Bryce sounds so hurt … ok lemme be honest i am actually crying rn .. braddison was my favourite ship … im going to miss it so much. Love you Bryce and Addison :”(

  7. MarleyMar1399 says:

    The whole cheating thing: a girl who was working with him in Vegas literally came out and said he was very stand-off ish and he made it clear he was taken. People really need to stop spreading false things because even though Bryce is famous, he still has feelings.

  8. valentina says:

    the internet ruined everything the people are so so dumb, they should’ve just let them live, dang, people love drama like its so frustrating .

  9. BrideZ says:

    You can literally tell Bryce is so hurt from losing Addison. The looks on their faces when they were together were amazing, they were truly super happy. And now it’s over because of the dam media smh

    • aurora marie says:

      he was the one to break up with her because he didn’t want to be in a relationship at the time.

  10. Fatz Lyf says:

    My heart actually shattered when he said “I wish addison the best” hes actually matured and hes so sweet…soo the shit can stop. NOW.

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