we broke up

we broke up

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  1. Louie's Life says:

    I reacted out of jealous and frustration when I saw the video. And I shouldn’t have. Again, Fernando and I have no longer been together for about a month now. Both him and I have every right to do what we want without owing each other or anyone else an explanation. This video was not made for people to come for him, it was just to set it straight. I enjoyed these last two years with him, it’s just time to move on. I hope you guys can respect us and not ask us about this anymore. Thank you

    • Bethany Best says:

      You both have my full respect and support; I wish you the best in this healing process it’s not easy but you’ll come out stronger on the other side good luck Louie🖤

    • Joss Godd says:

      We love you Louie take all the time you need to get off to get right again we’re here for you .. I hope you have good holidays stay safe ! 💜💜💜💜

    • Joss Godd says:

      Also definitely gonna miss fern since he no longer will be coming out in your videos … but if it’s for the best we’re here for you 💜💜💜💜

    • lil scorpihoe says:

      mi amorrr i see u and wish i could give u a hug🥺 sending u strength and much love💗 this was so generous of u to communicate the situation to everyone, and while we appreciate it just remember nobody is entitled to anything! u deserve privacy and ppl simply need to respect it. sorry this has been made tougher on u by constant reminders but i wish u well on ur journey to healing and moving on💗 much love to u babe!

    • Ramona Mendoza says:

      You are amazing classie keep it that way obviously he was moving on I know you can too you are strong.

  2. Carla Carrillo says:

    Don’t ever feel bad. What I learned was just because y’all love each other doesn’t mean the relationship will work out. Head up and if that wasn’t your path it’s okay!! ✨

  3. Daniela Ramos says:

    be sad, cry let it all out louie. cómo dice el dicho “no nomás porque acaba algo significa q es el final” you are a AMAZING human with or w/o a partner, relationships last but some don’t. it isn’t and will never be the end of the world, you did good in realizing it had to end instead of staying simply bc of the 2 years. use this to focus on what really matters and grow yourself, you will sooner or later find someone that deserves u. we love you louie! 💜💜

  4. Ariana Hernandez says:

    Louie shaking makes me feel bad 🙁 it’s okay to not put everything out on social media and to feel the way you did you’re human and have feelings. Take a break to clear your mind and reach out to your close ones, you’re not alone <3

  5. Mariana Amezquita says:

    One thing I will say is DON’T EVER call yourself a dumbass again because it really is a long ass process to forget about someone. Even if you have to cry, scream or even break stuff, just let it all out. Don’t bottle up emotions because you might just let it out on some accidentally. I may not have a been inna relationship for that long but I have talked to this one guy for 2 years and it was on n off (NOT COMPARING MYSELF TO YOUR SITUATION) and the day that we cut it off completely and it hurt and yeah it still hurts but forgetting and moving on is a long process that does not need to rushed. Keep your head beautiful and know that EVERYTHING WILL BE OKAY. I love you Louie and stay strong 💜

  6. Felisha Pedraza says:

    We all know how hard break ups can be, I cant imagine publicly. Sending you light and love Louie!

  7. Briana Chavez says:

    You both deserve happiness. I hope fans don’t “take sides” and stop talking smack on either of them and just be happy and supportive.

  8. Laura Porras says:

    YOUR FEELINGS ARE VALID. Don’t ever say you shouldn’t be upset or jealous. Who cares if you’re not together, you felt what you felt in that moment and you’re allowed to feel that way. Breakups aren’t black and white, one day you’re okay apart and the next day you’re hoping it works out. It’s all apart of the journey. Another thing he shouldn’t be playing with your emotions if these are the things he’s doing. It’s not talking shit on him but it’s just the truth. You’re gonna be okay Louie. Take your time to heal, feel everything and don’t apologize for your feelings. I’m wishing you a better 2022. 💙

  9. Dam says:

    this was the most mature breakup explanation video I have ever watched. You did a great job explaining everything and keeping both of y’alls privacy. I wish you nothing but the best I hope you learn and grow as you move forward louie. Much love happy holidays 🤍

  10. Bribe says:

    This was very brave of you. Everything happens for a reason louie. Everything will eventually get better, God has you❤ ima send you a playlist with all the bad bitch music to heal you (‘: hope you feel better!

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