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18 Responses

  1. Nkechi Okoye says:

    There’s still joy and love here!!!! Support doesn’t end here !

  2. Noelle Noelle says:

    This is really heartbreaking.. it is so sad, but sometimes we do what we need to do. Wishing you all the best.

  3. Bryan McKinstry says:

    Makes me a small bit sad, but it’s your choice and responsibility to do what’s best for yourselves. Wishing you both love and happiness and joy.

  4. Bryan Carson says:

    I’m very appreciative that you guys even took the time to explain anything to so many of us when we aren’t even entitled to it

  5. Bryan Carson says:

    I do feel bad especially because Chris looks like he is holding back serious tears while Ian speaks casually and professionally! I hope you both heal and that’s it.

    • Isaiah Caston says:

      @Bryan Carson i mean possibly, Ian and I have a similar personality and I feel like he doesn’t want to be the “face” of their video brand nor do I think they want to build their brand off of random “pranks”, esp if Chris wants to segue his film career into something more serious/artsy. A “breakup” would keep the fans they have, potentially gain new ones and allows them to diversify their fan bases by splitting them apart. A post would read as complaining and being ungrateful “‘poor little gay couple who just came back from Italy”

    • Isaiah Caston says:

      @Bryan Carson and if people found out they were together, they could just say they decided to try again

    • David Serlin says:

      I’m genuinely grateful for the pleasure and insight you both gave to the world while you were together. But I can only imagine how exhausting it has been to try to live your lives in the public eye. I wish you both the best and hope you each find a good healthy place.

    • M. Luna says:

      Poor Chris looks like he was in so much pain… breakups are never easy

    • TheAlynn88 says:


  6. ana sofii dlp says:

    You guys didn’t owe us an explanation. Do whatever feels right for you. Hope you both have a very light breakup because u know it can be hard and we are here for you

  7. sri says:

    my heroes truly :,) love y’all

  8. Nicol Concilio says:

    Love you both!!!

  9. Princess DariB says:

    It’s how Ian’s tone still changes when talking directly to Chris and he gets sweeter 🥺 I hope the best future for y’all no matter where it takes you and I’m so sorry for the comments that are to come when y’all find new boyfriends. Y’all are doing what is best for y’all and that’s all the matters

  10. Aubrey London and Family says:

    This is maturity and I love it. Love you guys to the moon and back

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