We broke up…

We broke up…

We love you ❤️


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We broke up…

Cyrus and Christina

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48 Responses

  1. Cyrus and Christina says:

    Let me know what videos you’d like to see going forward ❤️ -Christina Kayy

  2. Dr. Goodie Vannn says:

    watching this with speed of 2x if this is a prank!!!

  3. Shekelia Sookram says:

    All who want cyrus and christina to go bk like here

  4. Coockie fam says:

    When i cliked on the video I HOPE its was a prank on us, but when i move the video till the end i didn’t see you guys laughing 😭soo you really broke up. BUT we will all suport you ❤️❤️❤️

  5. Suzette Brown/ Smalling says:

    So who is going to keep Romio ?Like for Cyrus comment for Christina.

  6. Sophia Sloan says:

    My heart is broken up into pieces 💔

  7. Dominic Ortiz says:

    Like for Christina and Cyrus to get back in the future

  8. Charlie Murphy says:

    This is a prank. Just like what the Jatie Fam did.
    Next video: pranking our followers

  9. JUSTIN . JT says:

    Who wants them back together like

  10. Arianna McKinney says:

    Every couple is breaking up it’s so dum

  11. Morgann du Toit says:

    Nooooooo I loved watching you guys like the time you guys got lashes that was my favorite video

  12. Kaitlyn Hoffmann says:

    I respect that and everyone should and hopefully you guys can get back together or you guys can hopefully find the people you are looking for again. Bless you guys and everyone in the world that are going through the same things. And Bless everyone else

  13. Sky_kawii says:

    Maybe u can do vlogs with ur family and friends and maybe after this vid u can tell us what ur Gonna be doing moving on?

  14. marion walsh says:

    If that is your choice we respect that in all the ways as possible, I hope Cyrus and Christina are safe
    Thank you for telling us <3

  15. Tintswalo Khoza says:

    Why did u do this guy’s …u know that we love u so much😠

  16. GS8GAM1NG says:

    FFS, these youtube “break ups” are getting old.

  17. DoNot ASMR says:

    This title is becoming the clickbait of the year lol

  18. galexy wolf says:

    I’m really sad and it is like I can’t watch y’all anymore

  19. Wow says:

    Getting bored of all these ‘couples’ doing break up videos

  20. Madison Rabun says:

    Cyrus: we broke up


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