We Built a Dog Shelter in 30 Days

We Built a Dog Shelter in 30 Days

We Built a Dog Shelter and Non-Profit cafe in 30 Days!! Go to our sponsor https://betterhelp.com/eamonandbec for 10% off your first month of therapy with BetterHelp and get matched with a therapist who will listen and help

We are so proud of this project and grateful to have been a part of it from the ground up. If you would like to directly support Cerritos Beach Dogs you can visit our website cerritosbeachdogs.com or shop our merch collection over at eamonandbec.com for the next 48 hours only!

A big thank you to the entire community for rallying around this project. Special thanks to:
@wanderlusttravelcouple @rickyanddarian @ChooseThePathYouTake @thecumminscamper

– The Hunter’s Vanlife, Mi Amiga Polly

Eamon and I have been lucky enough to travel to Mexico in our van since 2018 and we’ve always been so sad to see the struggling stray dogs and puppies on the streets. We even fostered a sick puppy from Baja in 2019 and drove him back up to Canada where he’s happily lived in his furever home for the last 4 years. So, when we met Alex and he said it was his dream to start a dog rescue here in Baja we knew we needed to help! 🐶 🐕 🐩

0:00 we’re building a dog shelter
1:00 rescuing puppies off the streets
7:00 choosing the shelter location
10:00 importance of mental health
13:49 we’ve got a special guest!
17:50 construction begins
20:52 painting the cafe
31:30 our really sick puppy 😔
33:02 biggest shop of all time
34:30 merch available at eamonandbec.com
35:28 last minute scramble
40:00 opening day!!

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20 Responses

  1. Rocky Kanaka says:

    WOW the heart and passion that went into this is amazing. ❤🐶 I know first hand how much energy this takes physically and emotionally and can’t say enough how awesome you all are. Thank you everyone involved in this and keep up the great work 💪

    • Heidi Marie says:

      If you have Rockys big vouch – – You are going places !!! I see other big names going viral for this !!

    • Lucy's Vandalé Lucy Guerra says:

      I absolutely love your rescue work as well. You and your wife are such an inspiration!

  2. Nina Activities Ibiza says:

    ¡Gracias por vuestro Amor, vuestro entusiasmo y vuestra Ayuda a los perritos! Los ANIMAles lo merecen todo …💗💗💗

  3. Marisa Robinson says:

    What an incredible achievement, I am so emotional watching this and seeing not only what you’ve created in 30 days but the hope and amazing lives you’re giving the pups! Also, don’t let anyone get you down, you’re giving helpless animals a voice and that is a truly impactful and kind thing to do 🐾❤

  4. L V says:

    I cried not only for the puppies and doggies BUT BECAUSE OF THE LOVE…THE LOVE BROUGHT ME TO TEARS…then I went and donated. God bless this entire endeavor. You folks are rock stars !!! ❤❤❤

  5. ThatTokenSean says:

    This is a prime example of how there’s a lot of good in the world. We all have to do what we can to improve the world, and you guys are helping animals- which is just as necessary for the world as helping humans. Thank you for everything you do! Edit to say that Bec’s hair lately has been SO cute! You absolutely rock the pixie cut.

  6. Globe Trotting says:

    Aside from Bec announcing she was cancer free; this is the most emotional and best video you have produced. The dogs are so precious, the community support, the beautiful cafe. WOW! You guys have out done yourselves. Oh, and a shout out to Bob, it was great seeing you. I hope to see more of you in future videos!

  7. Anakha nair says:

    I dont understand how anyone can be angry about you guys establishing a dog shelter, they are in such vulnerable conditions. Thank you for contributing. ❤️Take care

    • Catharine B. Boynton says:

      What are the haters doing to make a difference in the world? Writing complaints all day? Great job ❤

    • Steph La says:

      @Xitlali .Herrera understood and I love what they have accomplished. However, would it be such a bad thing to try and help the local community. I think it would be great to see them maybe get some locals involved somehow. Maybe hire a couple locals and pay them a living wage? Or like I said have local pricing and “gringo” pricing. This way those that have the money can support the cause and they are offering a positive to their local community. What do I know really but this is what I would do if I had the ability and cash to do so. Maybe brainstorm some community programs or projects to include and boost local moral and help the local doggie at the same time.

    • Cheryl Sibson says:

      Camile, they gottaa know, Conversion rates Canadian Dollar / Mexican Peso
      100 CAD 1377.39000 MXN
      200 CAD 2,749.98 Mexican Peso
      Its not about the money obviously they required something possible to do Bec and Emm are too young to be sitting around and doing retirement things yet.

    • Xitlali .Herrera says:

      ​@Camille They’re not just charging for oats and coffee, they have a dog shelter to run. If you just want oats or coffee go to the appropriate place, if you go to a dog shelter for that is because you want to donate somehow. BTW I’m mexican living and working in México, so I know it’s too expensive but is a way to donate getting something in return.
      Besides I’m pretty sure they’re main target is international travelers.

  8. Karen Novak says:

    I’m blown away by your energy to pull together and build a community to rescue these beautiful vulnerable dogs who deserve a life free of disease and full of love. Feeling so proud of you all!

  9. Crystal Verge says:

    That was one of the most inspiring videos I have ever watched. Amazing work everyone!!! I cried too many times, mostly happy tears. 🙂 Thank you to all who created this very special rescue. And yes, good to see Bob again.

  10. Scho and Jo says:

    Y’all are an inspiration. I geared up watching this video several times. Thank you for all that you do – helping the dogs, making these videos to spread the word about CBD, and for being uniquely you guys. Thank you for sharing your love with the world 🌎 ❤🐶

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