We Built the World’s Largest Jello Cup!

We Built the World’s Largest Jello Cup!

Exactly what you think it is. Find out just how epic swimming in the world’s largest jello cup was!
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Days of work, 500 pounds of cherry jello, and a $1,000 investment. Find out how we made the world’s largest jello cup, along with seeing Danny live out his dream.

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56 Responses

  1. Puppies are da best !! says:

    Cloudy with a chance of meatballs anyone?

  2. Lizzie Dizzie says:

    Say what you will of vat 19, but you can’t say they’re lazy

  3. MajesticMicrowave Studios says:

    Roses are red
    Jello is cold
    Just because you scraped off the top doesn’t mean there was no more mold.

  4. Big Lasagna says:

    You can’t scrape away any mold on your edible things
    It’s still mold everywhere

  5. elsypie x says:

    “You ordered $1000 worth of Jello!?!”

    *Welp there goes Jimmy’s sallllary.*

  6. I luv Cheesecake says:

    You put so much effort into the stupidest things

    And I love it

  7. Anna Müller says:

    *puts foil all around cup*
    *keeps humidity from escaping*
    *wonders why there is mold*

    i wouldn’t have thought of it either in that situation…..but i cracked up watching this scene

  8. Dr. Kail says:

    Mold has like invisible root things. So I’m glad you did not eat any

  9. Wabble Wabble says:

    Bruh Vat19 mold is a fungus it spreads so removing it from the top doesn’t do anything

  10. Allyk 8Pizza says:

    “I don’t know if this is bad for me or not”
    *eats some*
    “I doNt cArE iF thiS iS baD fOr mE Or noT thAts gOOd sTufF”

  11. Chrome_ Xon says:

    Dude do you realize even when you scrape off the top off the mold there’s still mold stuff inside it like roots off mold flowing through the jello not even joking

  12. IJustChoked says:

    Danny be lookin like a spicy chicken wing

  13. BroadcastPs4 says:

    *90% of comments: there is still mold even if you cut of the mold spores*
    *9% of comments: talks about $1000 worth of gelatin*
    *0.9% of comments: hi*
    *0.1% of comments: talking about percentage of comments*

    • Sskrimp_TeX • says:

      TheBigBad Helmut its mouldy, you cant eat it or let anyone eat it

    • Sskrimp_TeX • says:

      TheBigBad Helmut who said it is safe to feed cattle GELATINE. gelatine is basically pig bone and cows are herbivores and not carnivores, also we do not know if some types of mould is dangerous to animals

    • TheBigBad Helmut says:

      +Sskrimp_TeX • i was talking about feeding it to the people drinking blood…. think they’d care there’s a little mold? They’re drinking blood…..

    • maxie says:

      0,1 of 3000 is 3 lmao where are they

  14. Doggo Dom says:

    Alternate title:
    _Grown man swims in moldy jello_

  15. Ella Bella tv says:

    You said jello so much it doesn’t sound like a word anymore ?

  16. Xhxpexedits Yoll says:

    The problem with mold if you scrape off the effected area it doesn’t mean that there’s no more mould you can still get sick because there’s still bacteria lurking through the food or whatever the substance is

  17. Foxy - Gaming and More! says:

    This guy’s mom: What do you want to do when you grow up?
    Him when he was 5: I want to swim in jello!
    This guy’s mom: Oh, that’s ridiculous!
    25 years later:

  18. Kazoo says:

    Is this how ants feel when I leave my jello cup open on a table?

  19. Sienna Voisin says:

    Everyone: you can swim it’s ok
    In their head: I don’t want to swim in mold
    Danny: yessss I get to swim in mold

  20. Motty & Reese TV says:

    “Why aren’t you guys wearing shorts?”

    Cause we dont want to swim in mold infested jello?

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