We Can All Do Better Than Roy Moore | November 15, 2017 Act 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

We Can All Do Better Than Roy Moore | November 15, 2017 Act 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

Hey Alabama, on December 12 you have a chance to prove all us Yankee assholes wrong. PLEASE prove us wrong.

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65 Responses

  1. Cileece Middleton says:

    32 years old is not a mistake of youth!

    • Jennifer Feldman says:

      It is this year. Papadopolous was too young to know what the correct response to foreign agents was. Don Jr was too young to know better than to have meetings with the Russians and lie about it. Roy Moore was too young to know that it’s wrong to close a little girl into your car, perform illicit acts on her, and tell her that your official position as DA means that no one will believe her if she screams. They were all 30yo making silly youthful mistakes.

    • Lena Kim says:

      Agreed. What are all those interviewees thinking?

    • Jean Roch says:

      Cileece Middleton republicans are old creeps, to them 32 is really really young

  2. Insane Layne says:

    excellent blouse

  3. George H says:

    Roy NO Moore!

    • Yehudi Menuhin says:

      Lochaber no more
      Sutherland no inure
      Lewis no more
      Skye no more
      When you go will you send back A letter from America?
      Bathgate no more
      Linwood no more
      Methil no more
      Irvine no more
      Roy no more
      When you go will you…
      Oh – sorry – I was listening to that Proclaimers song this morning.

  4. Claudy TheArtist says:

    Samantha Bee for President 2020

    • Claudy TheArtist says:

      We are sort of like a Democracy and if we don’t like the law then we can just change it… It’s not like rocket science look who’s in the White House now! Samantha Bee has a TV Show… That makes her qualified to be the most powerful leader of the Free World and she never even laundered Russian Mob cash…at least I don’t think so. But doesn’t matter anyway, she will be Ruler of The World, laws don’t apply to her! She’s My Hero…

    • Hurtfulfriend0 says:

      Claudy TheArtist Oh god no

    • Chris Kekistan says:


    • Jack Pot says:

      Claudy TheArtist I will leave country

  5. Channel for Positivity l Understanding l Justice says:

    From the thumbnail,
    I thought she was wearing a *christmas sweater*
    It’s OK I personally started listening to christmas songs from 2 months ago

  6. Indigo Montoya says:

    You can see when the turtle retreats into its shell…

  7. Tourists Discover says:

    lol Sam killin’ it

    • Ashley Thomas says:

      yet she supports Hillary who victim blamed all the women that spoke out against Bill. Sam in bought by the Donor class DNC elite.

    • Robert Nicholls says:

      Ashley Thomas That’s my only problem with her. She’s actually an example of what her segment entails. Unwilling to see the faults of a person she supports.

      To this day, although Wikileaks exposed the Clinton campaign as rigged it took Donna Brazile to expose it and they still think Hillary is golden. Plus, the Hillary campaign worked with twitter and other outlets to scrub anything associated with Wikileaks.

      Anyone can be caught out there as a hypocrite.

  8. Barry Kaine says:

    If Alabama elects this mall rat in creeps clothing, maybe they should just secede from the twenty first century. – Dark ages, anyone?
    – Coming soon – star chambers and kangaroo courts, or as the conservitards like to call it …”governing”.

  9. Luliby says:

    What is so messed up in people’s heads that they think that the women who were abused and now coming forward with what Roy Moore did are the ones deserving of blame? I even had a discussion with a person who thought that Weinstein’s accusers should have been held accountable for this weird “they let this guy go around” reason. No. The perpetrator is to blame.

  10. Crimsonite says:

    They don’t call it the dirty south for nothing.

  11. Hellkite78753 says:

    I wonder, will Alabama elected a sick man like Roy Moore to the Senate??

    • TheGerm24 says:

      I think the line was specifically that he asked for the mother’s permission. I think he probably didn’t want a father figure around to stop him.

    • Ashamed US Eagle says:

      They “elected” T-rump,, didn’t they?

    • Alfredo C says:

      Yes. Yes, it will. Out of 50 states Alabama ranks:
      #47 in health care
      #47 in education
      #47 in crime & corrections
      #31 in infrastructure 
      #40 in opportunity
      #45 in economy
      #42 in government 
      Only Arkansas, Mississippi and Louisiana rank lower overall. It’s a shitbox. And there’s a reason for its shitboxery. We need Federal laws that exclude the bottom 5 states from voting in Federal elections. Taxation without representation may be unfair to those being taxed without a voice but giving equal voice to the shit-4-brains bottom of the barrel is unfair to the rest of us.

    • Jennifer Feldman says:

      I’m on Long Island, NY. these people think not only is Trump better than sliced bread, they think he invented it. I just ran into a group of old friends, and they said to me, “and YOU thought he wouldn’t be a good president. ready to eat your words?” yowza.

    • Jean Roch says:

      Hellkite78753 well the USA elected a sick man like trump president. Wanna bet?

  12. jd190d says:

    “Or whatever the f**k you call Seven Seagal’s profession” was hysterical.

  13. KingOfMadCows says:

    Hey, Alabama evangelicals are trying to be open minded and compassionate. They’re willing to forgive Roy Moore for dating outside the family.

  14. Shayma Hussain says:

    He was 32 years old what youth?
    But may be they were talking about the young girls victims
    Lets pray

  15. joshua tryon says:

    can we kick Alabama out of the union

  16. Ezmerelda Jones says:

    Somebody tell Christians they are not being picked on…no matter how bad they want it. Moore hurt children

  17. babydollgoddess says:

    I live in Alabama. My palm is also very familiar with my face.
    But I’m registered to vote, and exercise my right every chance I get! See ya on the ballot Dec 12, Doug! 😁👍

    • Kristin Bracy says:

      right there with you! Alabama has been red for far too long! I’m not republican or democrat but I will be voting against this perv!

    • babydollgoddess says:

      I’d like to remind the non-believers about the cities of Birmingham and Huntsville. We’ve been importing people for years. You know, people who aren’t a part of the “Good Ol’ Boys” network.
      Should be interesting. 😉

    • Something Clever says:

      babydollgoddess Keep fighting the good fight!
      I feel ya I’m a democrat in KY. We gave you Rand Paul and Mitch Mconnel. My palm has evolved to be permanently attached to my forehead

    • Donnie Draftdodger says:

      bring friends with you to vote, the religious right bring theirs

  18. Rogue Person says:

    Why is Michael Jackson in this video? His accusers admitted they came forward with false claims after realising they could potentially win millions in court.

  19. giligara30492 says:

    Just one thing: wasn’t Michael Jackson acquitted?

    • Jonathan Rose says:

      Yes. So was R. Kelly and Bill Cosby. But people can still believe they are guilty. They’ve each paid out settlements to alleged victims.

    • AvgJane19 says:

      giligara30492 I was looking for this! Thank you!!

    • coolroxas says:

      Just wanted to note something here. wanting to settle out of court can be taken 2 different ways.

      1 they are more guilty since they trying to hide it.

      2 PR or perception is more important in those fields and they want to avoid thier image being dragged through the mud.

      Both very possible so settling out of court isn’t the best way to determine guilt. But witness accounts and evidence is.

    • SgX12345 6 says:

      John Harrison Innocent until proven guilty.

  20. MrsRazor66 says:

    I’m loving Sams outfit! I want that shirt right now

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