We Competed To Make The Best Grilled Cheese • Ladylike

We Competed To Make The Best Grilled Cheese • Ladylike

“I feel like this is now a competition of us versus not setting up the smoke alarm.”

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White mould cheese.
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Set of salt
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portobello mushrooms isolated on white background
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Grilled Cheese Sandwich
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Butter Cartoons
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Grilled Cheese Sandwich
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Hand Drawn of Grilled Cheese Sandwich Video Clip
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Golden confetti with alpha mask to create a fabulous and magical atmosphere. looped
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Cooking grilled cheese sandwiches
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Grilled Cheese Sandwich 4k With Slider
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Cinemagraph – Pouring the lemon juice into a glass. Nobody.
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Smelly Cheese with flies. 3D animation in cartoon style, alpha channel, loopable
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Modern Clock Face Fast Time Lapse
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Butter Melting In Frying Pan Overhead Shot
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White sugar poured on black background
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Loaf grain bread with butter
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Hot grilled sandwiches with golden cheese
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Baking bread
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Grilled cheese on toast in toaster oven
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Herb Butter 1
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69 Responses

  1. Brooke Keel says:

    Now I want grilled cheese. Lol??

  2. Ukelele Radio says:

    It went from Jern to Jorn ??♥️?

    Edit: thx for all the likes?♥️?

  3. absentmindedprof says:

    I would love to party with you ladies! (Lobster grilled cheese!)

  4. Briana Hicks says:

    1, I have that dress that Kristen is wearing!
    2, I just made a bacon grilled cheese on a Hawaiian roll!

  5. Ayesha Gajrè says:

    so my fav group of girls AND grilled cheese???jesus is that you?

  6. Okayynaomii says:

    Get this off the grill.. BE CAREFUL!! Jen: Picks it with her hands loll. ??

  7. Hana Duus says:

    Just another reminder that I cannot cook for the life of me

  8. Brandy Manning says:

    I live ladylike they’re perfect examples if strong fierce independent women and friends
    (I also like grilled cheese)

  9. Alivia Overmyer says:

    Can I take a wild guess and say you were at Trader Joe’s?

  10. Crystal Agosto says:

    I’m a simple person. I see Jen, I click.

    Anyone else love Jen? ❤️

  11. Latifa Yaaqub says:

    Can ladylike be single mothers for a week or a month

    Like if you agree

    • Agrippina Volturi Whitlock says:

      +TheWolf I like where you are coming from, but there’s one small problem. There is no such thing as an orphanage in the United States anymore. A child that has been given up or removed from a home is almost immediately placed into a foster home.

    • Lissa Kristine Jorgensen says:

      +Agrippina Volturi Whitlock Not true. There’s even an orphanage in a neighboring town (it’s a residential program for adolescent boys (ages 9 to 17) who have been abused, abandoned, or neglected and have behavioral, social,and/or learning problems.

      They’re just not the orphanages from “Annie” or “Oliver Twist.” In reality, orphanages haven’t fully gone away, they’re just called something else nowadays (for the most part). A “group home” is essentially an orphanage, but it’s a more inclusive terminology as not all children living in one are technically orphans

    • Amy Amy says:

      Thats a good idea but
      Thats not guna turn good

    • Latifa Yaaqub says:

      donuts globonuts fake robotic baby you should be doing it in high school

    • Anna Ettinger says:

      I think they’ve done that before but with robotic babies, you’ll have to search it on BuzzFeedVideo Jen was in it.

  12. NUR AIN says:

    Nobody :

    Jen : if you come for kristin IM GonNA BITE YO HEAd oFFF

  13. Courtney says:

    Jen was so obviously robbed! I know the judges are the rest of ladylike but i wish they kept an open mind!

    • Ley S says:

      U can’t go wrong with a classic grilled cheese tho!

    • RoseGirl Nightcore says:

      I agree with you, Courtney. It wasn’t Jen’s fault.

    • Casey Master says:

      Honestly I feel like ur saying that bc I like Jen better bc it was a blind taste test the ppl want what they want

    • Courtney says:

      +Casey Master I’m saying it because it seems like on buzzfeed, for these cooking competition type shows the judges are really closed minded! There isn’t anything wrong with wanting and liking a classic but if something is just different that shouldn’t be reason to dislike it!

    • Cool Cat w/ Sunnies says:

      its a small office competition made for a video, not Masterchef lmao

  14. Harry Potter Lunatic says:

    Jen: Say goodbye to this face because you’re never gonna see it again!

    *2 seconds later*

    **Starts stalking Kristen**

  15. Amanda Gomez says:

    12:15 Jen’s face is like “REALLY?!” I feel that Jen. ???

  16. Margaret Hartwig says:

    I use bread, cheese, and butter. what are all of these ingredients?!?!!?

  17. LuvAnimals says:

    I like how Mike is slowly becoming a part of Ladylike.

  18. MoonLightBae says:

    “Well Jen has broken the first spoon….”

  19. Ella-May Thornely says:

    I love that Mike is being more included infront of the camera

  20. Ladylike says:


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