We Competed To Make The Best Pesto • Ladylike

We Competed To Make The Best Pesto • Ladylike

“We can use a recipe, we’re not monsters.”

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62 Responses

  1. The Music Arena says:

    I know that nobody will read this but For the one procent who reading this, If just a single person reads this it will make my day! ?<33 Have a great life and good luck in the future <33 I know fame doesn’t happen over night but I am trying my ha,rdest to become a successful youtuber. Wish me and help me grow to 20000

  2. Subscribe To Me For No Reason says:

    Who loves Ladylike??

  3. Everything Abbie says:

    Omg I’ve been waiting for a cooking video!!!

  4. nonneko says:

    I will honestly be down for LadyLike to try tiny cooking

  5. Kendall Nordgaard says:

    But Jimmy Pesto is the Besto

  6. Space Productions says:

    Tiny Cooking Competition should become a series
    I’m dead serious

  7. Ayesha Gajrè says:

    Its past 12 am where i am but im willing to stay up for this kwality ??content??

  8. Aishwarya GN says:

    Kristen just wants to know whether she will win or not??
    Jen:Here’s the thing…..
    Kristen: Soo… am I going to win or not??????

    • turtlebomb cat attack says:

      What do u mean

    • Eventide says:

      +turtlebomb cat attack Right before that timestamp Kristin asks if Jen’s going to win, then asks if she’ll win, and Jen just starts ranting about how pesto can be so different and everyone has a set idea on how it should be. So the point of the original post is Jen never answered Kristin and that Kristin just wants to know if she’ll win. lol

  9. Dr.Emma Jackson says:

    How can Kristen Look So beautiful Every day

    • Eventide says:

      I think it’s the struggle she’s had with her skin, like the rosacea, the scarring on her neck, etc. All of those things helped her just be confident about herself and not really care what others think. I bet ever since she started on Ladylike it helped a lot too. I don’t know what it is exactly, but once you give up caring about what other people think about you, you just look so much better.

    • MrsKocher26 says:

      Her top is gorgeous! Such fashion sense as well!

    • Cameragirl 12 says:

      She is sooo pretty! I love her!

    • Dayna H says:

      Limey yesss

    • chevon1920 says:

      I love Kristen, she’s one of my favorite ladylike ladies but seriously, you know she’s not the prettiest woman, stop the bs, ?

  10. Nora Steeg says:

    Kristen and Jen are seriously my idols

  11. Denise Cabral says:

    Where’d they end up picking for lunch?

  12. Niamh Magee says:

    It would be so cool if y’all tried styling capes for a week!

    (Also, if you do use this, please don’t mention my name! Thanks!)

  13. Matthew Matwee says:

    Kristin looks very good with curls 🙂

  14. Arya Dorringdü says:

    Where did they go for lunch though?

  15. Nicole Kaye - The Girl's Guide says:

    kristen and jen: friendship GOALS

  16. spechulkaye says:

    Thats a Molcajete, mortar and pestle are usually smooth.

  17. Hannah Reynolds says:

    Noooooooo! I *love* garlic! I used to make garlic soup (if you’ve never tried it, please do – it’s a little bowl of heaven). But I guess I ate too much, for too long because now it does bring on an asthma attack.

    Jen won’t trust me! So sad. So, so sad.

  18. Dolan Chelsea says:

    Love that the thumbnail highkey looks like ice cream.

  19. Felicity Nicole says:

    Can we just have Mike as a full member of ladylike now?

  20. Skittle Tree says:

    I thought it was green tea ice cream because of the thumbnail ?

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