We Drove 1000 Miles To Eat This Burger…

We Drove 1000 Miles To Eat This Burger…

Ever been to Keokuk Iowa? Stepped foot in their famous Arby’s? Want to try the Meat Mountain for yourself? Tweet any of your experiences at us using the hashtag #RaceToMeatMountain

In Memory of Technoblade

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Edited by: @Wheatskins

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42 Responses

  1. 5up says:

    This was such a fun and hilarious time, happy to be a part of this moment!

  2. Ted Nivison says:

    What a completely aimless video. I love it.

  3. 𝚂𝚝𝚛𝚎𝚠𝚋𝚎𝚛𝚛𝚢 says:

    Something tells me Shelby is the only one who can either: LLEGALLY drive or is the only one whose trusted to drive

    • Kiah says:

      @Matyás he’s legally allowed to try for a permit and license if he’s had his permit for 6months. But you have to be like 21 to drive rental cars.

    • Lacy Garbe says:

      @Matyás yeah but im pretty sure you have to be a certain age to drive a rental car its like 21 or 25 or something

    • Matyás says:

      @Lacy Garbe actually ranboo is legally allowed to drive and has a driving license as far as I’m aware

    • Lacy Garbe says:

      @owoe lmao and the two british guys probably shouldn’t drive and ranboo isn’t legally allowed. shelby carried

    • TheSlimes says:

      Yeah, it feels like it

  4. Bee 🐝 says:

    Why did Jack saying “don’t worry viewers, you’re safe with me” make be both feel like I’m about to get kidnapped but also I’m about to be taken out for ice cream 😭

  5. Ash Kabosu says:

    This is the most I’ve laughed at a video in ages, you were all on top form here.
    Great job 🙂

  6. Lizzie Mahler says:

    This is literally every group of friends on a road trip. The driver, the psycho, the one documenting it, the one that knows where everything is, and the quiet one.

  7. Kat Solo says:

    All creds to Shubble for staying sane in the madness! She is like the mom of the group- ordering, paying, driving! She the best 👌

  8. Ellieee says:

    A genuinely nice sounding guy: *“Hey, how are ya!”*
    Wilbur (terrified): *“YALL GOT A BATHRUM?!”*


    • lavender.snails0 says:

      It’s even funnier when you realize that y’all isn’t even a thing we say here in the Midwest that’s a southern thing and he just sounds like a weird brit trying to fit it but failing

    • Olivia Simpson says:

      This made me cackle

  9. ・your non favorite person 👍・ says:

    after techno passing i’ve been in a shitty mood and honestly this lifted my spirits a lot 🙂 ur all a rlly good/funny group together!! ty jack<3

    • Sugoish says:

      @Pup Army [Fly high Technoblade] No, it’s just that bots copy random comments in the comment section to hopefully promote their channel, which is often some porn scam type of thing.. But yeah 🙁 I think pretty much everyone is sad about Techno’s passing…

    • Pup Army [Fly high Technoblade] says:

      @John Sanchez how is it stolen to be upset about Technoblade’s passing

    • John Sanchez says:

      This comment is stolen

  10. Shubble says:

    happy to have been the one driving everyone on this adventure! great vlog jack!!!

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