We Fed Five Cities in 30 Days!

We Fed Five Cities in 30 Days!

For your chance to win two seats on one of the FIRST Virgin Galactic flights to space and support a great cause, enter at https://omaze.com/MrBeast.

Just wanted to update you guys on what the charity has been up to 🙂 Thanks for watching, this literally isn’t possible without you all!!

p.s. if you would like to sponsor our channel and help feed more people, email sponsorships@beastphilanthropy.org

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33 Responses

  1. Tokaint says:

    MrBeast this is insane👏🔥 To answer your question about entertainment, I think if you showed/emphasized the value of 1 meal and then said 1000 meals, it would make it more entertaining. Just like in game development if you give someone 1000 coins when they start the game, they won’t necessarily value it that much. With your main channel it’s easier because everyone knows the value of money and the average person doesn’t have enough of it to take it for granted that much, but when it comes to meals I’m assuming most people take what they eat for granted and when you say 1000 meals it might not mean much to some people. Anyone know how I could explain it better? I want these videos to get as many views as possible

  2. Rainy says:

    Jimmy is doing more for the people then some governments do for the people

  3. Jess Kastelein says:

    The only person who I could never get sick of asking me to sub.. amazing humans

  4. Chanindu Warawita says:

    Teacher:- What is your dream
    Me:- Taking whatever from a Jimmy’s giveaway

  5. Tomas SALVO says:

    imagine being the sadass who dislikes this video. Disliking makes youtube less likely to recommend this video. Which literally removes food from people who need it…..

  6. Not The Games says:

    The more and more he uploads the more everyone likes him, he isint doing it for fame or money, he’s just a beast

  7. Willow Tree says:

    Me beast in 2030: buying space and giving it to Chris

  8. Troy S says:

    “and cookies too because Milad came out of nowhere” lmfao

  9. Sonia’s Way says:

    The people who dislike these kind of vids have the saddest lives ever

  10. Taylor G says:

    When Jimmy is 35 he should become president, he would change the *WORLD* !

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