We Flossed the Grill Clean… And Eric ATE IT! 🀒

We Flossed the Grill Clean… And Eric ATE IT! 🀒

A scraper that keeps your BBQ grate clean.
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If your grill surface is still covered in a greasy funk from your last BBQ, that unwanted flavor is going to season your fresh food (and ultimately your tastebuds).

Keep your grill in tip-top condition and your foods tasty when you prepare your grill with Grill Floss. The all-metal cleaning tool features a screwed-in scraper that surrounds and scrubs all sides of a grill bar without removing the grate. With nineteen inches of leverage on your side, the tool does the work for you while you keep clear of the heat.

Grill Floss makes your grill so clean you could eat off it!

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  1. Blake Weber says:

    Cool plz pin me

  2. Alysha Su says:


  3. Lily Walters says:

    Yess 26th to comment

  4. Maltus Gaming says:


  5. Cindy Nguyen says:

    Oh no…. is he okay?
    ( I didn’t watch whole video yet…)

    Story…My embarrassing story.

    So I love YouTube! There is this youtuber, not gonna say no names but I made a solo joke diss track. He/She watched it and I saw it and I’m _SO EMBARRASED!_ No one said anything good or bad about me in the comments. And I told this one friend I trusted to keep secrets. I told her about it and she says,”Wow! Cool! What ur YouTube channel?” I told her and she told this ground of boys. They teased me, joked around and insulted me. It didn’t hit me at first but this gone on for a month! I yelled,” CAN YA SHUT YOUR BIG FAT MOUTH HUH?!” They stepped back and ran. I regret that because hate comments came on the solo joke diss track. My loyal friend tho said,” Can y’all shut your mouth? This girl I know made this solo video, as A JOKE. Stop hating her video!” I took the video down and stopped watching the channel. But after the group of boys stopped… my friend that’s a boy started asking me,” How did you get he/she to watch it? How did you put it on YouTube?” And such. I lost my temper and slapped him, kicked him in the nuts and demanded him to shut the hell up. He ran, but he didn’t tell the teacher. I still regret it till this very day.

  6. Sonia 123 says:

    Love u

  7. Spread awareness of Why hydro is perfect says:

    You know that can LITERALLY give you cancer.

  8. McKenna Sullivan says:

    You used this thumbnail :D!!!!

  9. Juddy_Chimes Almero says:

    β€œThat is *THICC”*

  10. Star Stim says:

    It’s $17 plus $5 shipping

  11. Brick says:

    isn’t that a carcinogen? That is seriously unhealthy jesus

  12. Mighty Duck says:

    I thought Eric left vat19?

  13. Stikbot Motion says:

    Why am I posting this I am not even going to get any likes on this or reply’s

  14. Ty Kennett says:

    bone app the teeth

  15. Clippygoat says:

    Nobody would mention how eric would get cancer from that burnt scraps from the grill?

  16. Domino Doge says:

    that is T H I C C

  17. FLASH 2.0 says:


  18. Eric Does The Internet says:

    Eating a carcinogen was worth it to get on the trending page.

  19. Vat19 says:

    What should we make Eric eat next?! πŸ€”πŸ˜‚

  20. Memetastic says:

    Mega oof

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