We Force James Charles to Run a Military Obstacle Course

We Force James Charles to Run a Military Obstacle Course

James Charles joins us as we attempt to run a Military Obstacle Course!
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Memento Mori.

Unus Annus.

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62 Responses

  1. Unus Annus says:

    Sorry for the delay, the audio sync issue has been fixed. Fortunately, there’s another error in the video for you guys to find! It’s like an easter egg hunt! First to find it gets an hour shaved off their timer!

  2. Jasmine Noble says:

    Alternate Title: The only ever Unus Annus video you will see where Mark isn’t constantly gloating about how much better he is than Ethan

  3. Nezumi says:

    Mark: “It’s all in the description”

    The Description: “…”

    Me: Alright then. Keep your secrets.

  4. Itz GigiYe says:

    Ethan: He’s a raging lion ABSOLUTELY destroying this course
    Mark: being a loving and supporting dad
    James: gay and trying

    But fr can we appreciate the fact that James DIDN’T break a nail??

    • Tali Leonard says:


    • albert_obey 31 says:

      “Gay and trying” 😂

    • Tali Leonard says:

      But no.. no we can’t. I absolutely cannot stand JC for many many reasons. I like this video because I think it’s hysterical that Mark and Ethan made Him do this. And because I love supporting the channel

    • iinixis says:

      NJS The Gamer cant take a joke?

    • Amora Neke Lukisan says:

      @Maxim as much as I agree with your feelings about this, I don’t think you should be too insulting by them questioning whether it’s homophobic, because if it hits too close to home then even a good joke like the James Charles one can still make someone feel defensive… Homophobia and mistrust is only cured by love and understanding (and psychology in some cases), hence what we’ve made out of the Pride Parade in the honour of our right to love ourselves and others for who we are. So let’s try to be understanding and not point fingers at pointing fingers, because that just creates a loop.

  5. gay_childhere gay_childhere says:

    Ethan: vibing and finishing the course with no problems*
    James and Mark: am i a joke to you

  6. Jacob Racette says:

    Why did I almost start crying every time Mark was being real and expressing himself on how proud he was of both Ethan and James?? It’s so sweet!

  7. Art2mis says:

    everyone: talking about Mark being proud of Ethan
    me: wtf is “James Charles’ subtitle #1”?

  8. Ben Elsbury says:

    Ethan and James are Mark’s kids.
    Mark is an encouraging father to James, meanwhile Ethan just tries to prove to his dad that he’s worth something.

  9. Blood Dreamer says:

    Honestly I’m impressed with James. I’m not a fan of him but he actually did his best and did really well for his first time full on running it.

  10. Retro_ The_Nitro says:

    Ethan: ” _I am SPEED_ ”
    James: “Where did everybody go?”
    Mark: ” *MY BAWLS* “

  11. Theo Naval says:

    me: *glance at thumbnail* I maybe misread the word James Charles

    me: *read the thumbnail again* *EYES GOT WIDENED IN SHoCK*

  12. hydraS 13 says:

    Alternate title: Mark and James bullying Ethan for 21 minutes and 9 seconds

  13. Gacha__Maker says:

    Military guy : **calls ethan an egotistical prick**
    Me: if only you knew

  14. Lucas Thompson says:

    Are we just gonna not talk about how the supposed “weak one” of the channel did a backflip on a slippery pole?

  15. Schwefelfell 7 says:

    We Forced James Charles To Run A Military Obstacle Course? More like two army men falling in love with Ethan for 21 minutes straight

  16. Caro Le gay bearo says:

    proud of ethan for finally showing his skillz and literally just bein like: “this is easy” for at least half of the video and i love this.

  17. LiturateSweets says:

    Ethan in a white shirt: STEP ON ME

  18. Edge Lord says:


    Mark: Ethan, let him step on you.
    James: Nh-
    Ethan: Okay yeahyeahyeahyeahyeah
    James: No, NO! Ohmygod no Ethan.
    Ethan: STEP ON ME.
    James: No!
    Mark: Step on him!
    Ethan: Step on me!
    Mark: Do it, step on him.
    James: Are you serious?
    Mark: _y e a h_ step on him.
    Ethan: Step on me. I mean, not like- Don’t like **aggressively curb stomps the dirt** but like ya know.
    Mark: *_s t o m p h i m_*

    Ethan: Do you wanna step on me?
    Austin: Yes.
    Mark: Yes, please.
    Austin: Oh.
    James: I guess so but not really.
    Mark: Yeah, I got excited too.
    Mark: *_In the mud._*
    Ethan: In the mud.
    James: 𝚂𝚘𝚛𝚛𝚢 𝙴𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚗.

  19. Gabriel Booth says:

    Ethan: small, agile
    Mark: strong, slow
    James: trying his best 🥺

  20. Konniptionz says:

    Mark: *Makes jokes about Ethan thinking he’s better than the Marines.*
    Marines: ” Uh-huh..? ”
    Ethan: *Respects them, but also does his best to keep pace with a marine up until about the middle of the course and in a way earns their respect for having such a good time on his first attempt as a civilian*
    Mark: ” Shit. ”

    Also, man.. James Charles pushes, I gotta give credit where it’s due. James Charles is out there and we’re not.

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