We Found the Auction Corvette’s Previous Owner… The Story is INSANE!

We Found the Auction Corvette’s Previous Owner… The Story is INSANE!

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What an INSANE story. We literally can’t make this up!

Check out the previous owner’s channel, he posted some old videos of Ruby! – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL3lu9MxSloSxCSX3Gt7Fuw

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40 Responses

  1. Wesley Green says:

    This guy straight up scammed Carmax lol, you know he told them it had a replacement motor and they figured it was another ls2

    • asd asd says:

      Markus Dietrich whoever bought it off carmax
      Cleetus didn’t get it through carmax for all we know an insurance company has picked up the bill.

    • asd asd says:

      Shane Hoffman don’t forget built tranz diff etc.
      I’m impressed it wasn’t just parted out.

    • Shane Hoffman says:

      +asd asd nah guy pulled a slick move and he knows it, should be embarrassed even showing his face in this video.

    • CoHxUnLoaDz98 says:

      +Brody Walker oh so you’re the type of asshole who offered me $300 for my 2004 grand cherokee

    • Logan Bosley says:

      +Wesley Green I mean the intake “corvette” covers were just kind put there across the motor and not attached lol.

  2. a21bravo says:

    *Sips Beer*
    “it was struck by lightning”
    *Chokes on beer*

    *Pause, half die*

    *Presses Play*

    *Finishes beer while enjoying the stories*

  3. Randy sonoftheonly1 says:

    I’d say Ruby is it but Lightning McFarland is pretty cool.lol

  4. DodgingSpice says:

    You can tell that guy knows nothing about insulation. Or grounding.

  5. JKeller says:

    It’s been POSSESSED since the LIGHTNING strike ? LOL ….

  6. Simon Lazcano says:

    Just say f*** it and swap the coyote into it ??

  7. Ballz Of'steel says:

    I’m buying a c6 now with a blown motor and throwing in a cheap ass truck engine

  8. ShedTorque says:

    You would struggle to script a story like this …..awesome !

  9. Joshua Foster says:

    Frank, short for Frankenstein. Struck by lightning and a mess of different parts.

  10. Mixed Vids says:

    I literally said imagine if the previous owner could chime in on its history lmao thats awesome!

  11. Mustanglvr007 - says:

    I’m still going with Code Red.

  12. Tony Nickels says:

    Keep it ruby!!! Ruby McQueen.

  13. Tony Nickels says:

    Or Kaitlin cause you know, different bits inside then what’s showing outside.

  14. RoboTekno says:

    Come on, you have to name it ‘Ruby’. It already had a name.

  15. Lovie DeBiasio says:


  16. Edgar Soltero says:

    So he pulled the swap and sold it to carmax… Came up

  17. Matt's Garage says:

    Giving VinWiki a run for their money with this one!?

  18. Warex06 says:

    Who else thought the two guys being introduced in the beginning of the video looked like a gay couple

  19. CarLoss Traction says:

    “I didn’t want to screw anyone over, I’m not that type of guy” LOL
    -Did you tell them it had a 5.3 truck motor?
    “Aaaah… mmm.. I just told them it had a different motor… “

  20. BossKing says:

    So you bought the most molested Corvette ever…..I’d be afraid to see what a “built trans” looks like from that guy…..

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