We found the flood Bugatti! The cheapest Veyron EVER

We found the flood Bugatti! The cheapest Veyron EVER

@Ed Bolian tells the car’s story: https://youtu.be/oe-rU03uJhI
@Tavarish explains the project: https://youtu.be/Cd73AFESSdU
Thanks to Houston from @Royalty Exotic Cars & @Royalty Rebuilds for the latest news on the car!

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50 Responses

  1. Andrew R says:

    Someday I hope to have Ed’s voice, Freddie’s optimism, and Tyler’s sense of humor.

  2. Ed Bolian says:

    Freddy needs to figure out how to talk Houston into selling him this thing. It needs to happen!

    • Moss Alford says:

      Yeah Ed been waiting for another one of your story’s

    • gizmo says:

      YouTube needs to talk to you so you stop commenting on your own shit

    • Thatonechannel says:

      Too late the cars 90% Finished. The cars Painted purple now with all sorts of crazy custom work done to it including a straight pipe.

    • Kurt Sumthinorother says:

      Ha ha that will never happen. Bugatti builds are Houston’s drug. He has bought out complete Bugatti dealer inventories to have parts for this and future builds. Freddy has Murci 2 in the works that will be an absolute cash hound. Although I think Freddy is a very shrewd and unassuming character that gets a lot of things on the house with his (fading) innocent excitement for the project. He’s a most excellent pitch man telling people that they are really great. Personally, I think he owes his 100k paint guy, and absolutely the 10k interior guy some quality time. They were finished and what should have been a full show dedication was more like awesome guy, let’s load it up. C-Ya. I get it, it’s work and it’s never ending with his type of format. Mr Bolian, you sir are an absolute legend. Southern narrator extraordinaire with a channel designed to allow for other creator tales to be told with no interaction. Hella entertaining as well as networking that is above and beyond anyone else. Alex Legit, Tyler, Freddie, SamCrac, Uncle Rich, yourself and a host of smaller channels that you have had on, made a massive move in channel expansion overnight. Bringing large separate groups of followers and spreading them across all the channels. Very classy, and very impressive Mr Bolian. You have been killing it from the jump.

    • Kurt Sumthinorother says:

      Sam Hard is a world class character that could really have a huge audience if he just jumped in with both feet. YT is just a hobby for him, he’s got personality and flair to have a huge channel. Especially if he formed a UK Car Trek group with Mr JWW, Ratatouille, touch of driftworks. Variety of decent content creators that could increase in size 1000fold in a year if they crossbranded.

  3. Tavarish says:

    There’s a bugatti-shaped hole in my heart. 🙁

  4. High Seas Marine Diaz says:

    Wow that’s a lot of wasted money from a few people who’s dreams of rebuilding this one car fizzled. I see this happen in the boat world.

  5. Gibsontw2 says:

    Just as an FYI there is a dead pixel in the camera. if you go to 10:03 the bottom right corner of his lip is where it’s most noticeable. (Could be dust)

  6. Rick Thomas says:

    Didn’t realize this car had so much history since that “accident”. On a side note, I almost hit a pelican once.

    • Patrick Mason says:

      I hit a bird one time. Got wedged in my grill.

    • Andrew juicebox decez says:

      White (5 ish ft wingspan) owl 2 feet from my windshield last min it pulls straight up and gone (night time, cool siteing tho) … not speeding doing 40 (speed limit) had a booty hole pucker oohhh shit moment but was all good no contact of birds but almost sh*t myself.

      Pelican tho must really suck…. how big was it

    • Alex Bedel says:

      I hit a Pelican with my semi truck and it looked like that one scene from finding nemo

    • Michael Collins says:

      I had a huge owl fly (scrape) across my windshield once. He came from the driver side of the car. My window was open, so I’m glad I wasn’t driving any faster.

    • Speed Limit 85 says:

      @Andrew juicebox decez big as a basketball, beak long as a hanger. And yes he was in the middle of the road so I ran him over

  7. RogerM says:

    Ed: “Who paints the car first before rebuilding it?”……….cough…cough…Tavarish…cough.

    • MrPland1992 says:

      That’s how cars are suppose to be painted.

    • marcilio junior says:

      @MrPland1992 not really, you gotta rebuild, disassemble, paint and reassemble.

    • Lawson Kennamer says:

      @MrPland1992 not at all, protect the paint. fix parts and assemble to test fitment before painting so you do not accidentally scratch anything, then reassemble

  8. Slightly above Average says:

    I was actually hired by the original owners insurance to investigate his original claim. I came across the video by complete accident. A friend of mine sent me the video, making fun of the people who took the video because they called it a Lamborghini. And to my avail, it was THE car and THE guy I was investigating. Good times lol

  9. Johnny Smith says:

    Smartest person involved in this story is the mechanic. Sorry Ed/Fred.

  10. devil says:

    Let’s be real everyone’s thought about owning a Bugatti at one point

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