We Got A Hamster

We Got A Hamster

Thanks for (already) all of your feedback on how to give Ad a really great house and take care of him properly, he greatly appreciates it : )

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20 Responses

  1. Natalie Parker says:

    This video brings me so much joy. I want an update on Ass!!!!

  2. Logan O'Connell says:

    I’m getting PTSD to Dans hamster video with the whole “#ad standing on his cage”.

  3. skipfloyd says:

    I read that you already got a lot of feedback but i just thought i’d throw my 2 cents ’cause a lot of people don’t really know what hamsters needs and pet store will tell you anything to make you spend money.

    -the cage should have at least 4000cm² of floor space (100*40, 80*50, …)
    -you should put at least 10 to 15 cm of bedding. it seems like a lot but it will be better for your hamster and you as you don’t need to change it as often. just remove dirty areas and jumble the bedding to “air” it every week and change the entire bedding every month or so.
    -avoid wood shavings for bedding as it’s often pine shavings which release phenol through contact with urine.
    -your wheel is too small, it should at least be 28cm diameter or it will hurt your hamster’s back.
    -you should get chinchilla’s bath sand and put it in a small container so your hamster could clean himself.
    -i wouldn’t use the hamster ball ’cause it can be really disorienting for them as they don’t feel or smell things around when they are in it.

    Ad is the cutest 🙂

  4. Mickey D says:

    “I want a hamster”
    “Where do we get one? Do we have to catch it?”

    Lol made me laugh

  5. Andrea Price says:

    He needs a bigger cage. And he needs an 8 inch wheel 🙂

  6. Reza Tube says:

    *Anyone else love the fact that Jenna has no filter in what she says??*
    she just says whatever tf she wants ??

  7. Cath Lohrentz says:

    Please get him a cage with tunnels ?? if I were a hamster tunnels would be the highlight of my life

  8. Lizzy Troy says:


  9. jojo xox says:

    Jenna is slowly turning into Taylor Nicole Dean lol #cheese

  10. Annie Banani says:

    Dude please get another animal named Spons that would make my life

  11. Jenna Alexandria says:

    at 8:53 he’s praying that the dogs don’t eat him

  12. Nobody's Channel says:

    jenna is really a good mother, even she acts childish.

  13. Dil Howlter says:

    i don’t know why this is trending but i’m so prOUD

  14. ohmyjoshimsogay I-/ says:

    and every month we buy a hamster 🙂

  15. Stefano Cassara says:

    That’s the exact cage i had for my rabbits when they were babies.

  16. creativ-LI says:

    I love the way she talks to them like actual babies

  17. Jenna Marbles says:

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  18. Charlotte Egli says:

    u could put some cotton pads in the cage and he will build his on “bed”

  19. Alice says:

    I had the exact same type of hamster. It died today.

  20. Diana Fronsdahl says:

    “I dunno, part of his butt??” -Jenna 2017

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