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72 Responses

  1. LouisVuitton ASMR says:

    That guy who threw drink on Tana.. Like *ARE YOU GOOD BRO?* What a weirdo

  2. Amanda Deegan says:

    Armani looks like billie eilish with his hair down ??

  3. Anna - - I love sex :* TAP ON M!Y PHOTO says:

    Jakes new yt video*: WE GOT MARRIED
    me: no u didn’t

  4. moonlight bëë gacha says:

    If I hear anyone say “we’re getting married!” I always feel that I’m a single Pringle and will never find love.

  5. Karen Keister says:

    I am so confused as to why you woke up in your bed alone the next morning?? Shouldn’t Tana have been with you????????????

  6. Viral Videos says:

    One like = one pray for those who paid 50$ to watch the wedding

  7. No Vegans Or Vegetarians Allowed says:

    *Until I See A Legitimate Wedding Certificate…I Don’t Believe For 1 SECOND!!! Jake And Tana Are Married. It Was ALL FOR VIEWS!!!*

  8. Jay_Mdk says:

    Who thinks he would he burn down the house if they break up???

  9. Julia - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :* says:

    This is how many people who didn’t go to their wedding

  10. Tyler Yt says:

    Looking at Logan’s face I’m literally dying???

  11. Oreo Moss says:

    I keep coming back to this channel to see him marry someone else again

  12. Jeano 123 says:

    Team 10 drunk on plane:?????
    Tydus and ryry:???

  13. AaronP11 says:

    **Riley Reid appears**


  14. Dylan Hart says:

    Jake Paul: WE GOT MARRIED.

    2 weeks later…

    Jake Paul: we got a divorce…

  15. Sonali Samtani says:

    jake: WE GOT MARRIED.

    erika costell: been there done that ?

  16. Shan Burnley says:

    gets married and wakes up alone in bed…. hm

  17. Ligeia says:

    The title: We got married.
    Everyone clicking: But, did you?

  18. Wordy : says:

    Jake paul: we got married!

    Everyone else: ah shit, here we go again

  19. Macho xx says:

    I always cry when people marry, but i didn’t cry by this one..

  20. Julia - I love sex :* TAP ON MY PHOTO :* says:

    Logan’s literally like: “why am I here?”

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