WE GOT ONE: Up Close with The Mid-Engine C8 Corvette | Bumper 2 Bumper

WE GOT ONE: Up Close with The Mid-Engine C8 Corvette | Bumper 2 Bumper

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The new 2020 Chevy C8 Corvette is and probably will be the most talked-about car of the year. The engine is now in the back, everyone wants to see it, and we have the first one on the West coast! We are going frunk to trunk on the 2020 Chevrolet C8 Corvette.

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71 Responses

  1. Donut Media says:

    What do you think – does the C8 live up to the hype?

  2. Spanc01 Nand says:

    Thankyou chevy for getting this right. Keeping the legacy alive.

    Toyota start taking notes

    • Hyper Vanilo says:

      Im not gonna surprised if the new Corvette has reliability issues. C6 all the way, simple design car with high performance, this is too much

    • Phil says:

      @Hyper Vanilo first year will def have issues but later years will have ironed those out. ive learned my lesson, never buy a first gen ANYTHING.

    • Black market Verification says:

      Spanc01 Nand I just hope someone lucky sees this , Incase you want to be verified on Instagram, please message @kenryker001 on instagram. He can help you get a verification badge. Thank me later

    • Freddy Chale says:

      @Phil Well except your wife… Although I also got a 2nd. Gen one

    • Taylor Rhodes says:

      At least Toyota has figured out how to build quality interiors without every single panel misaligned. Among other things.

  3. Ray South Florida Living says:

    Finally!!! A corvette I’d be willing to buy, no more an old man sports car. Finally a Vette I can respect!!!

  4. Stephan Forch says:

    I really NEVER and I mean NEVER comment videos. I watched this on my tv and took my phone to comment .. but man.. this is one fckin QUALITY review. Uff ? greets from Germany dude

  5. Ashiik Ali says:

    Conspiracy : Jay Leno is James pumphrey’s Dad

  6. Wak Job says:

    When you rake in billions on over priced SUV’s & crossovers, you can afford to throw the little people a bone once in a while.

  7. kalasend says:

    Chevy: Just because the engine is not in front DOES NOT automatically add $60 grand to the price.
    World: Thank you! About fxxxxx time

    • Dustin Black says:

      bonamin…well what about the Fiero then if your going down that road. Jesus Christ your an idiot.

    • Freddy Chale says:

      @Zero Cool YES! I completely agree! They NAILED IT!

    • Taylor Rhodes says:

      Proper engineering DOES add 60k to the price. There’s a reason it’s cheap. It’s a corner cutting disaster waiting to happen.

    • Simple Voice Reviews SVR says:

      it’s not gunna be 60 grand for fucks sakes. just like the 35,000 Tesla, ur never gunna get that model, they dont make it. the ones ur going to be buying is 50 to 60 grand. cuz they dont option it that way. same with the Corvette, it’s prolly going to be 70 to 80 grand, and then markup cuz a hyped up car, so like 90 to 100 grand is prolly what ur going to buy it for, but actual market price will be 70 or 75 grand

  8. Perfectly Disruptive says:

    Well played GM. They nailed it on everything. Turbocharged or supercharged will be completely insane.

  9. DragonFury 1738 says:


    New corvette: I got the horses in the back

  10. BigHeadClan says:

    Honestly I think Chevy knocked the C8 out of the park, I’ve not really liked previous generations (I did respect them) but not my type of car.
    Hats off to the designers behind this generation Vette, the price is an amazing bargin and everything about it says exotic.

  11. Retro Lad says:

    Damn. A car with functional vents in 2019? Maybe this Vette isn’t so bad after all…its growing on me

  12. There she goes to kill me chicken nugget says:

    Earlier than Doug DeMuro

    Respect ????

  13. Dre Moore says:

    “I’ve never seen a proud dad” ?

  14. Kevin Arias says:

    First the all-new Ford GT now the C8… holy cow America

    • Freddy Chale says:

      Loving it! Finally the US is reacting and in a Grand Way! Been hoping/expecting this comeback since the mid 90s…

    • PhilosophicalZombie says:

      @Freddy Chale Ya still gotta do something about the engine. I know a design for making pushrod-8s bitchin’ again by full-linking the valves and thus making for desmo. Then all you need is a crossed exhaust to even the pulses for scavenging, and finally a couple of turbos. No one would be able to talk about “V8 Cavemen” again.

  15. Jason Holtkamp says:

    I hope Chevy sells a million of these so more manufacturers make cars like this!!! EVERY OTHER SPORTS CAR MANUFACTURER now has to up their game! And yes, I reserved one myself <3

    • ksplinter007 says:

      Gotta love competition.

    • Freddy Chale says:

      Congrats on your C8! AND YES!
      This should make many tremble, especially those OverPriced, issues packed, Euro blink cars that are slowly committing suicide by reliability…

    • Jason Holtkamp says:

      @Freddy Chale For example Porsche. My favorite manufacturer. They now how to go totally back to the drawing board and radically increase performance of their sports cars to compete with the new vette… which means the next gen 718’s / 911s be a huge step forward. Which will be awesome.

  16. Jamieson Scott says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing what Liberty Walk does with the C8 ?

  17. Tony Flick says:

    I’ll buy this over a crazy expensive truck and buy a cheap beater truck for work ?? it’s a bargain

  18. Loong Lo says:

    Zora: Did you do it?
    Chevrolet: Yes.
    Zora: What did it cost you?
    Chevrolet: Less than $60k.

  19. Emmanuel Monge says:

    i love how donut got a mid engine corvette so fast. thank you, chevy!

  20. Not The Technician says:

    The United America did a thing.
    (National anthem playing in the background).

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