We grew bacteria from our WHAT? – 10MPH

We grew bacteria from our WHAT? – 10MPH

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Those undies are a fecund substrate.

Dino animation made by Apartment D!

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49 Responses

  1. The Grumps says:

    watch to the end for a special animated surprise 👀

  2. indigoire says:

    I’m actually surprised David Cheeseman hasn’t grown legs and walked off set at this point.

  3. destroyerofworlds938 says:

    Medical laboratory scientist here, hard to tell exactly but the organisms I saw Dans mouth: streptococcus species, totally normal mouth flora
    Arin’s crotch: yeast
    Dirty sonic: hard for me to tell but the black growth and the way they commented on the smell suggests normal fecal bacteria. As in people with unwashed hands made him dirty.
    Ethan’s underwear: also looks like yeast/normal genital flora
    David Cheeseman: a thriving man

    • SporadicV2 says:

      @Ucalove it’s incredible that Ethan’s underwear bacteria is still creating Unus Annus videos

    • rattusnormus says:

      Hi colleague! I agree with all your suggestions. I’d like to add, that Ethan’s underwear might appear cleaner, since the bacteria Ethan’s skin and unmentionables have died out after the host (Ethan) have left. Arin’s culture actually looks much cleaner than usually samples of that area but it is to be expected out of laboratory conditions.

      Wonderful that David Cheeseman is ALIVE and well! 😀

    • Rachel says:

      Me too! I wish they got an actual microscope and put the colonies on slides to see the bacteria. Gram staining might be too advanced lol.

  4. Tp132 says:

    The fact that David Cheeseman just will not die brings me immense joy

  5. CaptainScarLeg says:

    2:55 “Do not ingest or inhale chemicals” immediately followed by Arin putting what he’s holding back down cracked me up. This is gonna be good.

  6. BlackBirdsDontSing says:

    As a biology student who had to painstakingly make agar and bacteria cultures while working as sterile as possible, this hurt my soul

  7. Nicholas Cooper says:

    I hope there’s a microbiologist in the comments who actually knows what they were looking at and can tell the grumps what they’ve unleashed into the world

    • Youtube Pizzer says:

      “You’ve created a new deadly virus. You have to isolate for the next few years and don’t you dare go near anyone.”

    • SupervisorSwanky says:

      grad microbio major, the yellow gooey stuff was maybe micrococcus luteus, the fibrous one from arins underwear was contaminating fungal growth and the white one on the same plate was likely to be some mixed growth of candida yeast and staphylococcus species, dirty sonic smelled rank which to me screams faecal bacteria but i saw a lot of fungus on there too, ethans undies were mixed skin flora growth (you cant tell what you have without isolated colonies), i can tell you the red stuff from cheeseman was serratia plus a lot of misc nasty fungus which tends to overtake contaminated plates after long enough…good results from nut agar are usually 24-48hrs in a 37C incubator which will have minimal fungal growth, the problem is they did their agar prep outside a laminar flow hood with media that wasnt autoclaved which probably contaminated it before they even swabbed, they then didnt work around a bunsen burner or use isolation streaking so their plates ended up like that

    • fool says:

      i remember i had microbio class and the clostridium smelled so awful jesus

    • Cody Campbelll says:

      Worked in a microbio lab for 3 years and yeah smells definitely are useful sometimes you even get a fun specific color that helps too lol not the nicest though for sure

    • Signi says:

      @jewels 707 the sound I made when I got to “easiest to identify by smell” I’m so sorry

  8. Rainbow Rose says:

    I’m legitimately surprised Arin didn’t make a Candidas nuts joke…and yes that was my first thought after hearing Dan say it, they have cemented that joke into my sense of humor.

  9. Random Horror says:

    When Halloween comes around, I want an episode where Arin and Dan are being hunted down by what remains of David Cheeseman in their office and need to find a way to escape.

  10. werewolf wife says:

    i’m a microbiology student who regularly handles bacteria, etc as part of my course. this is the most distressing video i have ever watched and i’m not sure i can step foot in a lab ever again after seeing what was on arin’s balls.

    • SupervisorSwanky says:

      @abstrusePaladin agar media wasn’t autoclaved, agar pour was done outside of a laminar flow cabinet, plates were innoculated outside of a sterilising heat source like a bunsen burner and isolation streaking wasn’t done (so you can see individual colonies), and they let it grow for 2mo at room temp instead of 37C for 24-48hrs resulting in fungal overgrowth and cruddy results overall

    • Stick says:

      Honestly, I’d be more afraid of balls than a lab with this information in mind.

    • dead memes says:

      @Dazzle I believe it’s accurate, I already dropped out of that a few years back but I believe so.

    • Sleepytime Taquito says:

      @werewolf wife I hope

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