We Had To Cut The Fresh Paint On Ed’s Golden Nugget!

We Had To Cut The Fresh Paint On Ed’s Golden Nugget!

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More Progress on Ed’s Golden Nugget LJ20! We got a ton done, but in order to get things to fit properly, we had to cut the brand new paint in the dash. Check it out!
Make sure to follow along with us as we build and fabricate cool stuff!!

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18 Responses

  1. PeterRabbit59 says:

    Nice detailed work on dash, Paul! Idea! Put ash tray in as Ed is a smoker, but make plate up & mount Radio underneath in center.

  2. KENNETH KELLY says:

    The instrument cluster looks fantastic, great job! The ash tray is a must for Ed but you could install a stereo in the glove box or possibly under the dash. Also are you going to polish, rattle can or have Robbie anodize the wiper arms?

  3. Samuel Sägesser says:

    I just love to see how everyone sticks together and bunches up together in the workshop to get things figured out. It must be a thing in rural, less populated areas, you just depend on your buddies more. The bigger the cities get, the more people you see but also the more lonely you feel strangely.

    • Meep Changeling says:

      Only because you don’t take the time to know anyone and think everyone is out to get you. But as someone who escaped one of those rural places… They’re actually hell. They look nice and feel nice at first, but unless you are *exactly* the kind of person that fits that community, you will be bullied, abused, and shunned until you leave. If you can’t leave, oh well! City life is far better than Rural life just for that. BUt you’ve still got to factor in there being nothing to do, everything being expensive as hell, and needing to commute way longer, far more often.

  4. Ted Conroy says:

    I love how the kids are always working on their projects, they all are going to be exceptionally Fab Rats. The Lego engines are awesome!

  5. Alfredo Carpaneto says:

    Ed is a smoker so the ashtray is an automatic given. That drive shaft looks pretty slick, matches those Bilstein shocks perfectly. Ed is gonna be so happy.

    • David Hecker says:

      the simple man is burden easily

    • VWVRSIX32 says:

      Love your show Paul and team.
      Why not put both ashtray and stereo!
      I see there is a hole in the dash for a radio next to the speedo cluster?

    • Jesse James says:

      @Christian Druan Do you want an atta boy for “choosing” to be a butt puffer!??

    • Christian Druan says:

      @Jesse James You’re being judgmental… lol Let people do what they want and don’t be a Karen.

    • Laurentian VMX says:

      @Jesse James Agree 100% calling a spade a spade. trash the ashtray. First thing I do when I get a project car : clean out or replace ashtray and fill it with bills or coins for gas if in a bind someday.

  6. Larry D Barr says:

    Ed’s a smoker, so give him the ashtray. I can’t hardly wait for the day he finally sees the Nugget. Great work, y’all.

  7. Bonnie Pittman says:

    Ashtray for sure. I’m so excited about this build. You all are doing a fantastic job. Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads! Can’t wait to see the reveal and a test drive.

  8. Arthur Whitehouse says:

    Michelle’s editing has gotten so good! Great work on the nugget, guys!

  9. UncleManuel says:

    “So we’re having a good day after we stop bleedin’.”
    The deadpan delivery from Randall always makes these oneliners absolutely hilarious! 😂😁👍

  10. Doctor Hayduke says:

    I’m a long time residential construction worker, and this episode really pushed me over the edge toward fab work. I’ve been breaking into metal work lately, learning to weld and fab on custom stair railings and some wrought iron fencing. Watching you make that dash cluster plate was right up my alley. Thanks for the inspiration.

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