We had to rush him to the Doctors. 💔

We had to rush him to the Doctors. 💔

We had to rush him to the Doctors. 💔 | The Anazala Family

Anazala family we’re back… Always remember family always comes first! Mila, Noah We love you so much!
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16 Responses

  1. Evie Knight says:

    I feel like the Anazala family is like the only family that doesn’t use their kids for clout and actually loves them ❤

  2. Jaskirat The GK says:

    who else just started tearing up as soon as they started explaining what happened to Noah?🤚
    i hope this never happens to any of the anazala family and their viewers
    take care anazala family hope to see you soon

  3. Lian Heffer says:

    I hope Noah feels all better we’re all praying for him 😇🙏

  4. Shreeya Gorsia says:

    Hope Noah is safe!!!!!! We will all pray for you all 😢

  5. Emma Espinoza says:

    The Anazala family never disappoints us
    And I hope Noah feels better 😊

  6. Carlos Santos says:

    Since I have emetophobia ( fear of vomiting) my stomach dropped 3 times during this video. 1. when Asala said that Noah wouldn’t wake up. 2. When she said Noah was vomiting. And 3. When Asala said they were escorting her to the surgery room. I hope Noah’s ok ❤

  7. L says:

    Glad Noah’s ok now!!!!!

  8. Cringywareesha♥︎☻ says:

    This happened to my brother when he was little and luckily my uncle is a doctor and he was there to check what was going on😮

    Btw I am so grateful that Noah is okay now❤❤

  9. Temosho Choma says:

    Good job Mila for protecting your brother and this just shows that how strong and brave the mirror is and how you guys survived survive to go through this

  10. olliecbr900harris says:

    Mila is so sweet she is the hero in this story. Praying for Noah too

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