We Have A Stalker…

We Have A Stalker…

We Received Some Concerning Items in our Mail…
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43 Responses

  1. Cold Ones says:

    Like Our Clothes? You can buy em for 10% OFF with code “COLDONES”! 👉🏻 https://bit.ly/coolshirtzz

    • Porky Paul says:

      absolutely love you guys but cannot support you with the minimal effort period you’re going through, covid slowed you down, time to pick dis shit back up or
      3:24 is bout to be a SonnyV2 thumbnail and clip on tdfo and then rice gum will call you irrelevant, no one wants that. do what ever it takes to at least work towards what needs to be done, you know what. you know what these fiends have wanted the whole time and its been long enough to make a play so to say.
      prezo make em’ wheels roll dawg…. slide in seans dms.

    • Mochi says:


    • Zzz says:

      This RATIO is 100% off

    • sugreev2001 says:

      Can’t believe Max put his hand in someone’s coom glove

  2. Alex says:

    The fan mail from that high school kid was super sweet. I hope things get better for him soon

  3. fortdragons says:

    max and chad are tho only ones i can hear say clearly shit jokes and yet still make them funny

  4. Connor says:

    Each time Max tries to pronounce the name of a foreign bottle of alcohol, the furniture in my room starts floating

  5. Chill Vibes says:

    I can’t believe these suckers put there hands in that.

  6. Pipebomb says:

    Out of all the things they have broken in the history of cold ones, they receive 10 buttons that say “seesh” and keep all of them perfectly in tact

  7. C B says:

    You know when Max says “nah, that’s fucked up,” you’re in for a good vid.

  8. Ben Seguin says:

    Chad going “this won’t fit me” only for it to nonchalantly cut to it shrink wrapped around his body is one of the funniest edits in this video for some reason lmao

    • Abbigail Crowley says:

      I had a feeling it was gonna happen but I was still at a loss for words when I saw they did it 😭

  9. wafflebuggerton says:

    Welp, I can’t wait to hear when chad is held captive by a fan who ambushed him in the cold ones parking lot lmao

  10. Duck says:

    Honestly think the fellas took that stalker in stride
    Her telling Chad his license plate number and knowing where they are made me feel uneasy as hell, and I’m not even the “target”, lol

    • saltlamp says:

      @Rifted Random honestly, no. i’ve heard of so many stalker situations and cops rarely get involved

    • grunchi de trap says:

      @Jaime I get what you’re saying, but it’s just dumb to bring it up as if there’s a competition about which people are oppressed more

    • Jaime says:

      @grunchi de trap The same reason why it’s different when teachers sleep with their students

    • imjujubells says:

      @Rifted Random cops sadly rarely help with stalker issues unless the stalker has actively harmed them in some way. It’s really sad. So many public figures have to deal with this and the cops never help them

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