‘We kept hearing gunshots’: 12 people killed in Virginia Beach shooting

‘We kept hearing gunshots’: 12 people killed in Virginia Beach shooting

Police said 12 people were killed and multiple people were injured in a May 31 shooting at the Virginia Beach municipal complex. This is a developing story Read more: https://wapo.st/2wtQxYq. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: https://wapo.st/2QOdcqK

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52 Responses

  1. Carrera4K says:

    I love how they add extended mags.?

  2. Lieutenant Stiffy says:

    first on the 4th a school shooting,Now the 31st and this… Alright.

    • 49Falcon says:

      +DemonSkittles it is not mental illness…it is what is causing or enhancing depression and anxiety in the people. Several factor to consider…but, the key one is the drugs that cause and enhance depression and anxiety. Check around and you will find that a large portion of the population are using these drugs….once on the it is hell to get off them.

    • buggs bunny says:

      +DemonSkittles they can. Think safety for yourself and others. Hide a bigger stick somewhere.

  3. Laurier says:

    What to expect from people when the top of the country has been corrupted for decades ?

  4. Aperture says:

    Stay safe this summer everyone. Look out and be vigilant.

    • stopthecrazyguy says:

      “Look out and be vigilant” WTH does that mean? Drive around in armor cars? Wear bullet proof vests? Carry an assault rifle and shoot everyone else who is carrying an assault rifle before they shoot you? Built forts with moats and frisk everyone who enters? Oh, wait that won’t help because we are all suppose to carry guns so we can shoot each other.

    • JULIAN SANCHEZ says:

      Thank you Aperture

    • Ben Efron says:

      stopthecrazyguy lmao same response to the second guy in the comments lmao ?

  5. Corn Dog says:

    It’s heartbreaking but it’s not a surprise. Every month there’s going to be a case with a different place, different time but same bullshit.

    • Jason Boulton says:

      +Vincent DePaul only in terms of the other google results showing more mass shootings. Thanks for that correction, but I’ll stick with the MOST CONSERVATIVE RESULT

    • Jason Boulton says:

      +Oliver Rogers no, otherwise the numbers would be much higher. Links above

    • Jason Boulton says:

      +Mister 262 no, links above

  6. Gabe L says:

    We are lost as a nation, we are loosing ourselfs and no religion nor political views can fix this, tolerance and perspective lacks in our American society.

  7. Bill Chen says:

    RIP to all people who lost their lives. I was just in Arlington two weeks ago. Sorry to hear this.

    From Los Angeles

    • Miles Coverdale says:

      Fake news, total fakery for the promotion of gun control

    • Christian Esquivel says:

      +Splyce Nope I live in Southern California. The most populated state in the country. You probably live in the bumfuck midwest you brain dead purple haired soyboy.

    • Splyce says:

      Christian Esquivel You live in a shithole ?. Imaging dealing with earthquakes and forest fires. When there’s a 9.5 earthquake and you family dies. Imma laugh

  8. UMANG PLAYS says:

    Again right and in few days we will forget this until there is another incident

  9. LifeAsItIs says:

    Thoughts and prayers …………again. anytime soon just the same thing i would say….

  10. mohamed Esse says:

    I am so sorry that event really is painful the people behind shot quickly bring justice

  11. Fortnite Daily says:

    Unfortunately, this isn’t a rare situation..

    • D Ldez says:

      +p51mustang24 literaly every shooter has been “white”

    • Godba Jones says:

      you right there is more and more staged events happening.

    • Robert Blackford says:

      Peter, You dumbass the shooter was black. Why are you such a racist?

    • Brian Gann says:

      The shooter was a registered democrat. More proof that the left perpetuates violence, and the democrat party must be declared a terrorist organization and banned for the sake of peace.

    • Powvok S says:

      Yes it is, lmao. There are over 320 million people living in the United States and a fraction of a percent of them will be involved in a shooting.

  12. ilham ryandee says:

    Here we go again on todays episode of “america the shooting range” 🙁

  13. Carmen Peters says:

    Prayers for those who were taken before their time.

  14. buggs bunny says:

    Go figure. A government employee hating the government he worked for.

    • Robert Heintze says:

      They’re all either politically motivated, or by a lot of anger and frustration, in the shooter’s personal life.

    • ublock says:

      I heard the guy got fired from his job

    • buggs bunny says:

      +Jaxson Crosby Hi Jaxson,
      If you remember social studies class in your government public school, you would realise that a city is a form of government, like a town, or state, or nation.

  15. Kommandant SS says:

    >*Reads comments*
    >”Oh look, just another mass shooting”
    Lol is almost as if people asked for it. Think about it for a moment bunch of tards, you’re getting used to mass shootings. Once that sentiment sets into society as a whole, then mass murderers will get creative and seek a new way to impact a society numbed to mass shootings. In other words, the ride hasn’t even begun and we’re already reaching peak clown levels.

  16. EDPK says:

    These things happen so often that we become numb to it and go on with our lives until it happens again and again and again

  17. Black American King says:


  18. Tru Hawaii says:

    He really made America great again. Good job 2016 voters.

  19. S Al says:

    A whacko with a gun.. the best thing is to have a civilized person with a gun to counter act

  20. Alec.M Š says:

    Prayers go out to those family’s?

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