We learn how to be Pirates at PIRATES ADVENTURE!

We learn how to be Pirates at PIRATES ADVENTURE!

They’re gonna do what we call in the industry ‘the bloody stain on the street’

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46 Responses

  1. Nik Fromm says:

    Now the question is… which outfit was more comfortable; the knights, the pirates, or the grapes and strawberry?

  2. Kaoss134 says:

    I’m learning that Dan is braver with stunts and stage stuff and Arin is braver with putting stuff in his mouth

  3. IAmZamber says:

    I was cheering and clapping for the boys so much this episode! It was honestly so much fun and I couldn’t help but smile at the joy on Dan’s face. 😊

  4. Scourier says:

    Arin recording on his phone while multiple, presumably expensively high quality, cameras record the same thing is peak dad energy

  5. Ashuraman says:

    So is Ethan now just the regular cameraman for the TMPH? Cause that is one hell of a career progression

    • MaryJane Bell says:

      I’m happy for Ethan😊

    • ミエコ says:

      @Seabass OOOOOOOOOHhhhhh

    • ミエコ says:

      @Kuma-Chan oh yeah thats who tucker was

    • Ghost Nappa says:

      @Albert Escobedo Sounds like something Matt and Ryan would come up with.

    • Albert Escobedo says:

      No, actually. Arin was taking Dan to go get some chickie tendies as a treat for getting his first good boy coin and Ethan crawled into the open backdoor window and rode the car back to their office. They didn’t realize he was there until it was too late. They put out a bowl of food and water for him and tried to call Mark but he wasn’t answering. The Grumps ultimately kept him cuz Allie liked his scruffy hair and he kept playing with all the cameras and lights in the Grump Room. The rest is history.

  6. Wesley Patterson says:

    The cut to the hot pirate lady looking completely unimpressed as Arin struggles to pull out a gun was SO good. I forget who’s editing nowadays, but my compliments to the chef

  7. Basement Dweller Cosplay says:

    Dan: *flops on the trampoline like a dying fish*
    Pirates: excellent form

  8. kogababe says:

    Arin afraid of stunts YET doesn’t hesitate to put poison in his mouth numerous times

  9. noémie maurice says:

    Arin’s multiple attempts at pulling the guns out and his little delivery of “help” almost killed me XD edit -I am not attracted to the purple pirate I am not attracted to the purple pirate I am not attracted to the purple pirate I am not attracted to the purple pirate-

  10. dyingbutokay says:

    When Dan performed his recent NSP tour here in LA, he mentioned that the pirates were in the audience that night! Been excited for this Power Hour to drop!

    • Ricky & Claire says:

      @buggibii”The CHOCOLATE MOUSSE is NOT in SEASON”

    • 333 777 says:

      @LycanLinkthat’s like… normal standard practice for most vip packages though ??? like even for most concerts and conventions and stuff

    • LycanLink says:

      I’m still bitter that I spent like $480 for me and my two friends’ VIP passes, and I wasn’t told I had to be there an hour early, so I missed the AMA before the show… That being said, amazing show. ^_^

    • Fuchsfarben says:

      How stinkin cute is that?? 😭

    • buggibii says:

      “The pirates are in the audience tonight” sounds like a euphemism for something but I don’t know what for or the context for which it would be used

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