We Lost the Coolest Car Guy of Our Generation – Thank You Ken Block

We Lost the Coolest Car Guy of Our Generation – Thank You Ken Block

Yesterday we lost the legendary Ken Block. I just wanted to share my story of the day I met the man himself and how he influenced my life and car culture forever. Thank you Ken Block for everything you’ve given the skateboarding world with DC Shoes, and everything you gave the automotive world with Hoonigan. May you rest in peace.

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  1. ThatDudeinBlue says:

    43 Forever.

  2. Greg Stanley says:

    There needs to be a documentary to air to the world, showing his story. He’s on that Musk, Gates, and Jobs level of influence. Like as a skater first and foremost I’ve always respected what he’s done in the skate world. As a motor sports enthusiast, I’ve always been in awe of his abilities behind the wheel of a car. But if you think about where he came from, and what he’s accomplished and basically kinda sculpted….🤯 Like that shit doesn’t happen like EVER… And I think really the whole world should see this man’s story.

  3. Joshua King says:

    Outside of racing, Ken and Hoonigan were the next evolution of hot rodding. They inspired a whole generation to get in the garage and build their junk with blood and sweat. Rest In Peace 43.

  4. JohnnyXR7 says:

    This death has hurt me more than I ever realized it would, someone who inspired me so much with his incredible driving and crazy builds. Back during the v1 hoonicorn days when I was about 11 I thought “man that’s gotta be one of the coolest cars in the world” and after seeing it in person for the first time at sema last year I still hold to my point. The hoonicorn was also some inspiration to why I got a classic car. Ken taught and Inspired us to strive to be great and he accomplished that. It hurts knowing my childhood hero is not with us anymore. To one of the must influential people in my life, I thank him for the inspiration and hope rests in peace. #43forever

  5. Apophis STR says:

    It hits especially hard when someone who’s always so happy and shining their lights on everyone around them suddenly passed away…
    RIP legend, we’ll remember you forever.

  6. Daddy Issues says:

    My condolences to Mr. Block’s family. A legend who inspired so many car enthusiasts, myself included. May he rest in peace.

  7. Mcbear 291 says:

    What hurts is after watching the audi series with his daughter…. she just finished it and I can’t imagine what she’s going through. I hope she carries on the legacy tho.

    • Paul Simon says:

      My thoughts also went directly to Lia. After having seen her and Ken together in multiple videos, they seemed to have a very nice relation and he to be a great father. Must be feeling like the ground just dissappears beneath you and you start to fall when losing such a father. I really feel for her. RIP Ken.

    • Schmidtygt says:

      @Kev27RS at least she’ll always know his last post was about her

    • Bad Player says:

      ​@ImRalphit’s just a hole. That’s the only way I can really explain it. It’s just a large hole and now you don’t have any direction in life. You’re adrift.

      It’s going to take a long while for things to feel “normal” again for her.

    • ImRalph says:

      praying for her, i can’t imagine the heartbreak and pain she’s going through at the moment

    • ja says:

      This. I’ve said this all day to my homies

  8. Noah Jacobson says:

    We all know he’s going to be Hoonin’ up in Heaven at God’s Great racetrack in the sky. May he be remembered as one of the greatest racers of all time. Rest In Peace Ken Block.

  9. Robert Sun says:

    Thanks for the tribute and sharing your story. Like many of us, we admire our heroes from afar but really appreciate to hear what an amazing person he was to match his incredible talent and passion. Condolences to his family and friends. Ken Block gone too soon but legend forever.

  10. mike w says:

    He lived a full throttle life and inspired millions.
    Now he and Paul Walker can have the ultimate smokeshow/race in heaven.

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