we lost.

we lost.

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*passes crown*

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36 Responses

  1. ShortHax says:

    Dream may have surpassed Dan in numbers, be hasn’t surpassed him in memories and that’s what counts

  2. rip says:

    Dan made our childhood, subscribers don’t even matter

  3. Hay Lay says:

    I just must say that dans so purely wholesome. I love that he is acceptant of Dream. It was never a completion. People change and people grow. I personally used to only watch Dan and now Im also a very big fan of both of them. I love them both no matter what

  4. TechnoFan says:

    No matter how much people surpass Dan, he is a very nostalgic and amazing youtuber

  5. G says:

    Although dream passed Dan in subs, he will never surpass him in memories.

  6. Tsukuy0m1 says:

    i would literally watch this man’s vids everywhere i go when i was a kid. my mum would always ask if i understood what he said since english wasn’t our main language. he was the main reason i had a wholesome childhood and helped me learn english better. You will always be remembered as one of the OGs Dan.

  7. FishesLost says:

    As both a Dream and Dan fan honestly good for both of you! You and Dream both deserve it and so much more, love you both<3

  8. عا لم دين مسلم هتجول says:

    Dan and Stampy are legends. Dream surpassing him doesn’t change that. Dream becoming the legend of a new generation doesn’t make him deserving of hate. We should do as Dan says and congratulate Dream on this incredible milestone.

    Forgot to include Pat and Jen sorry.

  9. TermedJet0 says:

    No matter who’s better, Dan made our childhood the best.

  10. KnithI says:

    Dream: Passes Dan
    Literally everyone: *The subs don’t matter, they don’t anymore.*

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