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People in this vid:

Toddy Smith

Natalie Noel

Jason Nash

Oscar Alva

Mullet Song
KENMOR: https://youtu.be/McAhBj7A1mQ
Outro song by
Simon Rex

Camera/ Editor
Oscar Alva

Camera man/ Assistant Editor
Nathan Speiser

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64 Responses

  1. T Luzzz says:

    Ok idk if anyone else here watches Brad Mando BUT he called it. Mullets are back and damn they look good 😅

  2. Max says:

    Is no one talking about how old Vardon looks and sounds

  3. Joshua Farias says:

    This was literally an episode of Oprah with all the mullets he handed out, “you get a mullet..you get a mullet”

  4. Kyra B says:

    i swear this man could literally shave a cheetah pattern into his head and he’d still be hot

  5. Juell Snedigar says:

    Dude Jeff is ahead of his time, mullets are going to be huge again!

  6. Nate Mate says:

    Easily the most original out of all the vlog squad. He doesn’t rely on buying people things handing out cash or yelling for content he actually uses his humour.

    • Daniela Garcia says:

      y’all know you can hype someone while not putting others down lmaoo

    • Sara kaidi says:

      Well no one on the vlog squad has similar content in any way shape or form , that is why they re still interesting and have not lost their 15 min of fame unlike other youtubers but actually are gaining more viewers and subscribers, be it as a group or individuals.
      So let’s not put others down to bring someone up.

    • Wallflower says:

      The shadeeeee

    • Lekhaa says:

      dont @ my boy david like that man

    • FramesPerSecond says:

      Heath is up there. Fishing with gummy worms was hella unexpected

  7. Idont Know says:

    This she be an adult swim series with actual famous people

  8. POOF Im Soft says:

    Not gonna lie Todd looks badass like that. Lol

  9. Samantha Kida says:

    Vardan sounds so diff now, was shook when he started talking

  10. Bestone says:

    We need a “Jeff’s gangsquad podcast ” like this.. ME LIKE!

  11. Sarah Luna says:

    2020: the year that everything went to shit but Jeff’s making mullets come back 🤟🏼

  12. Alex Kennedy says:

    This show was so much better when Jonah wasn’t involved.

  13. doeyluv says:

    this comment must get real old, but damn, jeff is hot.

  14. Brodie Williams says:

    Idk why but “Are you gonna do ninth grade or..?” Had me wheezing

  15. Jewel Larkin says:

    Why is no one talking about how Edward scissor hands cut Jeff’s hair

  16. Ione Chicoine says:

    is no one going to talk about how jonas’s mic is held on by his chest hair 💀💀

  17. Swoop Z says:

    Everyone taking about Todd and Natalie but corrina tweeted she’s dating david

  18. ThisIsTori says:

    The green screened door on the door is so distracting. Lolol

  19. Austin says:

    why isn’t anyone talking about how small Jonah looks in that chair

  20. Sven Malojlo says:

    I’ve never seen Natalie this miserable. What’s going on?

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