We Made Another Hole in One.

We Made Another Hole in One.

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28 Responses

  1. Matt Scharff says:

    Bro.. this is unreal

  2. Peter Finch Golf says:

    😂 brilliant

  3. Andrew Dewson says:

    Joy unbound. Just a delight to watch. Feels like Matt hasn’t been playing his best at Pursell Farms, so as a result hasn’t been himself. So cool to see that smile on his face.

  4. Bill Searson says:

    Matt’s such a healthy boy. He goes for a run every 6 months, his mum would be proud.

  5. M G says:

    Everyone: this is one of the hardest par 3 on tour. Games won or lost here…
    Matt: hold my beer…

  6. Rick Shiels Golf says:

    ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! Well done Matt 👏 incredible stuff 🙌

  7. Spencer Marr says:

    Watching at 36:23 after the GoodGood logo faded out and there’s a post interview with Matt. Felt content with such and epic little edit of the hole in one pic and screams. Shout-out to Matt for the hole in one obvious, but let’s not forget the guys behind the camera and putting in the work behind the scenes. Such a cool legit Colin and Max (and anyone else I might be forgetting or not know of). Keep up the good work gents.

  8. Nick Austin says:

    wow what a video boys congrats matt unreal

  9. Timmy Cupcakes says:

    On top of the moment, Chase seemed to be awesome. Talked through all of his shots, offered pro insight and was genuinely happy for Matt. Seemed like an awesome dude.

  10. Eduardo Recinos says:

    No lie the editing on this video was so perfect, Matt’s humbleness just made me feel so… alive! I think it’s hands down the best GOOD GOOD video in history.

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