We Made The World’s Largest Gummy Pizza!

We Made The World’s Largest Gummy Pizza!

The Gigantic Gummy Pizza Slice is 28 pounds of fruity gummy.
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When we finished making the Gigantic Gummy Pizza, we knew we had created something amazing (and tasty). So like a Greek hero returning elixir to his village, we’ve brought this candy magic to share with the world.

The Gigantic Gummy Pizza Slice is 28 pounds of solid gummy beautifully handcrafted into a wedge of everyone’s favorite food. The colorful colossus features five fruit flavors representing different parts of the pizza: orange (crust), strawberry-banana (cheese), mango (banana peppers), green apple (olives), and cherry (pepperoni). Gnaw off a hunk of your favorite flavor or open wide to enjoy a whole fruit gummy buffet in one bite!

Measuring three feet long and over two feet wide, this sweet slice is enough to feed an entire pizza party.

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61 Responses

  1. Two says:

    It doesn’t make a perfect circle in the middle of the whole pizza gummy…

  2. Thenglishgamer says:

    Fun fact: The word “pizza” was said 16 times on this video.
    Yes Ï’m really bored.

  3. G Squad says:

    You should make a giant chicken leg or a giant coke bottle out of gummy

  4. Ninjashark studios says:

    Giant gummy shark for shark week please!!!!!

  5. Professor. Teddy says:

    I thought Eric got fired

  6. Maxine Mikkelson says:

    Vat 19: Shares pizza

    Me: don’t come near my pizza!

  7. Justin Y. says:


  8. robot god 35 says:


  9. Thomas Verheul says:


  10. Micheal L says:

    I want to see footage of it parachute dropped into a remote african village. 😆

    • Tamantha :3 says:

      Micheal L not tryna be rude, and I’m not 100°/. sure but thats a terrible idea.. as you should not have alot of sugar while, ” on an empty stomach,” due to increasing levels of stomach acid, or, “tummy aches,” Lol. I guess it would look cool. Eh idk

    • Firefly ML says:

      Why africa tho?
      I mean…Thats mean😡

    • Tommygunstudios says:

      you’d literally kill them

    • Anonymous User says:

      Firefly ML Why is it mean to help? And africa is one of the few countries that has starving families and children, well besides all the sugars this would help

  11. Ghala Alzaabi says:


  12. FBI Agent says:

    This Adam looks like the Adam from buzzfeedvideo

  13. NuclearNinja19 says:

    The Recipe:


  14. Ender Girl Animations says:

    Dream is reality but then comes in problems
    1. No momey 2. 0 expierience how to buy it
    3. Prob causes diabates

  15. Epic Benjo says:

    Now make it even bigger

  16. ThreeDog _ says:

    For anyone that is wondering it costs $150 🍕

  17. RJ and Charlene says:

    Time to make it bigger!

  18. Nukenado says:

    Matt stonie gota eat this

  19. Eliya says:

    If there was no such thing in the world as too much sugar, calories, diabetes, cavities, etc., this gummy pizza would be all mine 😆

  20. Ricardo P says:

    Justin Y? Wack

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