We Made Youtube Change Its Policy

We Made Youtube Change Its Policy

We made Youtube revert its policy, restoring lots of my content. Thank you so much everyone

The Original Video & Issue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRsVDZvmaAE

~Twitch Channel: http://www.twitch.tv/rtgame
~Twitter: https://twitter.com/RTGameCrowd

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29 Responses

  1. Zekromium says:

    Daniel has turned YouTube from a YouTube to a YouTube, truly inspiring

  2. InsulinMan says:

    One small step for an Irish man, one giant leap for all content creators.

  3. StickMaster500 says:

    If it wasn’t people like Moist Critical, Mutahar, Pyrocynical and many others big content creator and streamers spreading the message around, these changes would probably still be around.

    *Thanks for being such a great YouTube!*

    • FadeNoctem says:

      @E B Not here to argue, but I think you tagged the wrong user. Rin was not talking about Youtubers, “This is Citrus” was, I just don’t want the wrong person to be receiving hate for something they didn’t even say.

    • E B says:

      @Rin The Square Just because you never heard of them doesn’t mean they arent big? Pyro and Critikal have been around for so long I’m honestly not quite sure how you dont know them if you know RT .
      And look dude, I love RT as much as the next guy but his community loves to overexaggerate everything he does. Literally every big YouTuber talked about this as this affects the majority of YouTube.
      Dan had a part in this sure, but he wasn’t the only one putting any effort in.
      And I’m genuinely curious who you mean with asuh bro?

    • Neevko says:

      @This is Citrus RT did everything he could in his power, but unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t care unless you’re part of the biggest creators on the site.

      The youtubers mentioned helped raise awareness to RTs situation, to audiences that may not have ever heard about his channel before, which led to YouTube being forced to deal with it rather than just putting it under the rug like they always do

      RT couldn’t have done it by himself, but if RT hadn’t reached out for help, then maybe we’d still have these policies around.

  4. Betti P says:

    Youtube has been such a Youtube lately, it’s nice to finally see some positive progress. Let’s keep this going, everyone!

  5. Ben H. says:

    I’ve been watching your videos so much that every time you said “YouTube” I instinctively thought you were blurting a swear. I genuinely think you should continue to do so in further videos just out of safety and hilarity!

    • EliteProfeta says:

      I thought the same thing! It truly shows how language is a construct and how stupid it is for YouTube to make a witch hunt out of something so maleable as swear words. Truly a YouTube moment in YouTube history

    • Britterzbee says:

      I love him blurring swears with “YouTube” lol a channel I follow did that for a bit awhile back before they decided they didn’t care about what YouTube thought, although they’d just use random everyday words instead of “YouTube”

  6. Icarus Hunter says:

    Holy shit, a genuine win for youtube and the people on it. You have literally created a miracle with your content and community. Congrats man

  7. RTGame says:

    Now this, this is a Youtube moment

    Thanks so much everyone for the support for me during my content issues. This change would not have happened it people didn’t share my issues, and actively call out Youtube for what they were doing. Here’s hoping we can get Youtube to make conditions better for creators from here on out

  8. Shmooters says:

    I understand that they probably don’t want people sending their videos for appeal a whole mess of times but in that case I think the least they could do is inform you what the offending problem is when the video is flagged. Then creators have the chance to fix it and still only need to send it in for review once it’s a win/win

    • Mambodog 532 says:

      @Dusk Banks I believe it could be once for each time a video is flagged. For example, a video has violated Policy A, and has been flagged as such. The creator now can edit the video to follow Policy A, and submit it for review. A while later, Policy B comes out, and the same video is now violating Policy B. The video has been flagged again, and now the creator has another chance to edit and submit it.

    • Kalion 2306 says:

      @Dusk Banks  or better yet, do what they do on TV, I’ve seen older shows that where made before modern beliefs & standards and they still air as long as they begin with a warning stating “this content was made before modern policies”, problem solved!

    • Dusk Banks says:

      ​@RTGame I think for this to work long-term, the review counter needs to be reset after policy changes too. If YouTube changed their policy to mean a video that you successfully edited & had re-reviewed in the past is now no longer compliant, then even if they tell you what’s wrong you have no recourse. You need to be able to request a re-review after a policy change so new edits can be evaluated.

    • RTGame says:

      Honestly, even if it was one review only this would work. The main issue is we are only told what’s wrong AFTER submitting a video. At which point it’s too late to change anything

  9. Rox Wolf says:

    One step closer to a better youtube for creators and viewers alike! There’s still so much that needs to be done, but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the small victories along the way. Let’s hope youtube continues to be cooperative and actually implement changes that makes sense going forward! (I seriously think using youtube as a swearword was the tipping point and it’s commendable, honestly.)

  10. Susaac says:

    Glad this turned out better for you RT! You even managed to do something for the entire community. Hopefully you’ll get the rest of the videos monetised as well.

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