We Make Our Moms Take Lie Detector Tests

We Make Our Moms Take Lie Detector Tests

How do you really know your mom’s telling you the truth? Hire an expert with a lie detector to tell you so.  GMM #1364
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61 Responses

  1. Alexandra Wagner says:

    ‘Did you like Link when you first met him?’ CUTS TO AN AD!! Bahahahaha

  2. Mari Anna says:

    Hi Rhett’s mom and Link’s mom! You were great sports 🙂

  3. HereforRandL says:

    At least now we know where Rhett’s demented side comes from…

  4. audrey says:

    “I’m worried that that’s going to make you sick sometimes.”
    “Well, it is boiled for safety.”

  5. trollsneedhugs says:

    Super cute Wheel of Mythicality intro! 🤗

  6. Apollo The K9 says:

    Rhett: I’m Worried The Balls Will Make U Sick

    Rhett: “Well It Is Boiled For Safety” -Rhett 2018

  7. Ayah A says:

    Rhett’s grandparents used to come from Georgia to listen to Link’s accent LOOOOOL

  8. Ethan Yarger says:

    The problem is that polygraphs are not very accurate. They dont understand that and gets kind of awkward when the mom say ‘but it is true’

    • cinderellacomplex7 says:

      They don’t use lie detectors anymore. They phased that out years ago. Lie detector results can’t be used in court.

    • n bo says:

      Ethan Yarger

      iS tHiS nInEtEeN sEvEnTy FoUr

    • Ethan Yarger says:

      cinderellacomplex7 they actually do

    • Silentgrace11 says:

      Polygraphs are mostly only used if you’re applying for some government jobs nowadays, and even then they provide you opportunities to explain answers after the fact (as far as I can tell. I looked into it sometime a few years ago).

      As for this instance, it’s all for kicks and giggles 😉 the moms may not have known that when they came in, just because it was thrown on them like it was, but I have no down Rhett and Link already know and are just being dramatic for footage.

    • MrsCurioCheerio says:

      Ethan Yarger No, lie detector tests are not admissible in court at least in the US

  9. Shawn shawnthemovieman says:

    OMG, Shepard sure looks like his grandma!!

  10. OutOf TheLoop says:

    Rhett: “Would you kill him with an axe”
    His mother: “Too messy”

  11. NatPicking says:

    Must be your kids strapping you guys up to that machine next right?

  12. Felicia W says:

    “You do remember what he looks like…?” 😂😂😂

  13. GAMIETTE Cloe says:

    Link’s parents have such a strong accent

  14. Nessa says:

    I miss Link’s dad btw 😂 that man should have his own show

  15. Mel mart says:

    Ahhhhh anyone else down for more of the Good Mythical Moms 🙃

  16. Ori Siegler says:

    -Would you do it with an axe?
    -No! Too messy!

    *Sounds like she has some experience* 😂😂😂

  17. I'm lost, please help. says:

    I would love a collaboration between the _real life_ and the _pretend_ *Good Mythical moms!*
    Can we make this happen?!

  18. Philosopher says:

    My favourite part was when Rhett’s mother said his grandparents would come visit to listen to Link’s accent.

  19. SATURDAZED says:

    This was hilarious. It be cool to just see them talk about childhood memories or something with their moms in a future episode

  20. seidimeow says:

    *FINALLY the **_actual_** Good Mythical Moms*

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