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30 Responses

  1. CaseyNeistat says:

    thats a counterfeit Versace t-shirt.

  2. Zac Alsop says:

    I’m so happy for Marlan, what a guy

  3. Lee Stuart says:

    I don’t know if I’m more pumped about the return of Casey to his natural habitat, or the return of Marlon.

  4. Bru says:

    After a difficult day, Casey’s update made me happy. Him admitting to not finding his footing in California is something many of us can relate to. Casey’s decision to relocate to his adopted city, a city where he can be himself, gave me immense hope. With my passion fading, this video gave me hope that I, too, will get there. What will eventually happen for me is Casey’s reality, and that is simply the best thing.

    • Zachary Dial says:

      Yeah I’ve been dealing with the same thing. Casey lives my dream life, and seeing him doing this and the reason why is inspiring. If I can’t have the life I want, at least I can be happy for other people. 😅

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  5. Sarim says:

    Marlan’s excitement for Casey staying in NYC forever is everything to me.

  6. Fat Olli says:

    Marlan seems like such a great guy he’s always smiling and in good spirits everytime I see him in one of your videos. There should be a little GoFundMe for him.

  7. Jakerton says:

    I have chills. Casey needed New York, the world needed Casey in New York.

  8. TheString Breaker says:

    *Casey is such an amazing storyteller!*

  9. sottozen says:

    Happy for you 🙂 Big hug from Italy!

  10. Hike Knob says:

    Why did this video make me cry… so happy for you. Such an inspiration to everyone and a truly wonderful, authentic creator. Best of luck Casey!!

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