We need to change how we bury the dead

We need to change how we bury the dead

The way we traditionally bury the dead is horrible for the environment.

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The modern way of burying a body, the “casket in the ground method” most of us are used to is horrible for the environment. It uses an incredible amount of resources, emits toxic pollutants into the air, and pumps the ground full of formaldehyde, which is known to cause cancer. It’s also prohibitively expensive. The average cost of a modern funeral costs between $10,000 to $12,000.

There are a number of greener options available though. Cremation uses less resources and requires less space than a traditional burial, but isn’t perfect. There are more experimental methods on the horizon such as promession and alkaline hydrolysis.

No matter which method we choose, it’s clear that we need to reform how we bury the dead.

Also be sure to read Mark Harris’s excellent book about green burials http://www.gravematters.us

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20 Responses

  1. Anton Lyamin says:

    stop saying “first” you bloody twats. no one cares

  2. Apple Inc., says:

    Who’s here before 1K views?

  3. Mr Alternator says:

    Spray the body with Lemon juice,sprinkle with spices and then cover with aluminium foil.

  4. HQ34Playz says:


  5. Rainier Tayam says:

    We need to bury people inside buried people.

  6. Europa says:

    allah is great

  7. rurutu M says:

    when i die just harvest my organs and toss the rest of me out in the woods

  8. Abhijeet Singh says:

    You all better learn something from Hinduism.

  9. sa99miy says:

    Feed them to shark farms, and then we eat shark meat.

  10. Dr. Royal says:

    My mummy said I won’t die and I can live *forever.*

    I bet you’re jealous now aren’t you?

  11. Serenity Joy says:

    I was hoping donating the body for science/medicine would come up as an option in this video. I saw something on tv that asked people to start considering that but it’s been a while so I don’t recall all of the details

  12. James True says:

    Well, the best way to bury the dead is the way the Muslims bury the dead. Have you seen the way the Muslims do it? it’s 100% environment friendly. The process of cleansing the body and burying the body is great for the natural environment.

  13. ComicPunch says:

    Who else wants to be sent to space when they die?

  14. The World Is Logic says:

    When I die I would like my body to be crushed and moulded into a diamond laughing face emoji.

  15. thechronicler crescent says:

    put a tree’s seed inside my dead body and bury me in a forest.

  16. drink15 says:

    The solution is simple. We need to stop dying.

  17. Mohgt says:

    Islamic way costs 0$ you just dig a hole yourself, and put a blanket or a sheet around him and burry him in there, no need any coffins or gravestone or money.

  18. unknown says:

    I always found the idea of a natural burial to be so appealing. I personally view it as a way to give myself to the earth after I’ve gone. Probably sounds crazy wanting to be used as food by other living creatures but to me it’s like living on through whatever eats my decomposing body.

  19. Abhishek Jangir says:

    Indians burn the dead…. the best way🔥🔥🔥

  20. Anime Guru says:

    Thanks again Vox for making me have yet another existential crisis and making depressed again.
    I’m going to go sit in a corner and cry from the fact that I’m going to close my eyes one day and never open them again.

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