We Need To STOP This Coronavirus Misinformation, Clear Up Confusion, & Talk About What Happens Next!

We Need To STOP This Coronavirus Misinformation, Clear Up Confusion, & Talk About What Happens Next!

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Administration Clarifies Trump’s Inaccurate Comments on the Upcoming European Travel & Trade Ban:

U.S. Soccer President Apologizes:

Senate Overturns DeVos Rule Limiting Debt Relief for Defrauded Students:

Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg
Produced by: Amanda Morones
Art Director: Brian Borst
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Lili Stenn, Maddie Crichton, Cory Ray, Neena Pesqueda, Katie Calo
Production Team: Zack Taylor, Luke Manning, Alex Elnicki, Zach McIntyre
#DeFranco #BrotherNature #RudyGobert

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72 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    but like….WTH is 2021 gonna be like? I’m personally predicting vampire robot nazis who are also zombies. Feels like we’re trending that way.

    • Just Em says:

      Its so great that this dude to makes money off of describing other’s work (i.e. journalistic reporting) which he can’t even be bothered to reference👍
      It’s also quite a shame that he can’t invest the time to inform himself about what he is making money off; whilst pretending that he is providing his viewers with some consolation regarding a serious public health crisis.
      He is apart of the problem..
      Don’t be sheeple

    • Raukura Cave says:

      Ummmm time codes?????

    • Mr. No Reply says:

      What are you, 8? Jeez.

    • Vanessa B. says:

      @Prof. Weed I was wondering that, after his speech the other night. It was just so bad, I thought….wait a minute….I’m really starting to think he does that. There’s a lot of short-term profit to be made buying up super-cheap stocks when the market is tanking only to then have the market surge a couple of days later.

    • Raukura Cave says:

      @Mr. No Reply 🐘💨

  2. Sidney Quaid says:

    “I hope this doesn’t stress you out” seconds later “this is the end.”

  3. KingXDragoon says:

    Let’s just take a moment to think about the current endangered species looking at us panic, laughing.

  4. Darkninja333 says:

    I legit appreciate you. Having someone that I can trust to state things honestly is a safe feeling.

    • Royce Rowan says:

      Perfectly worded what I wanted to say. Thanks Phil!

    • YautjaTNT says:

      ​@Mika Normane Phil is miles better than 99% of news, but “Impartial” is sure as hell as word you should never use to describe him. He’s, and or his staff are, bias as fuck and it shows.

      One example that sticks out in my mind was when there were two back to back shootings, one was by a right wing guy, the other by a left wing guy, and Phil made sure to make it clear the first guy was very right wing, but never even mentioned the second guy was an Antifa supporter / sympathizer and very left wing. Forget about Rogue Rocket too, and that bullshit Pink Tax video. Anything mildly political highlights exactly how bias Phil is, that is if you actually do your homework.

    • Mayhzon says:

      You’d trust this obvious “good centrist” shill?
      I PITY DA FOO’!

    • Josh S says:

      This is why I love being a part of the nation. Don’t understand how people get by getting their news from the msm. Nothing but agendas and manipulation

    • Josh S says:

      @YautjaTNT who was the antifa killer and can you provide your source? Genuinely asking not a gotcha.

  5. Motovlogic says:

    “This is the end.” -Philip DeFranco [CONFIRMED]

  6. Killerbee47 says:

    Trump: Corona-
    Youtube: DEMONET-
    Youtube: MONETIZED

  7. Jim says:

    Been a while since I watched Phil.. I forgot how much he moves his hands.

  8. Michael says:

    If anyone actually believed that bs “water kills the virus” and the other claims, I have a bridge to sell you.

    • Killa Pickle Pirate Panda says:

      I believe lol 😂 just kidding

    • Anthrax says:

      I have a piece of Mars property to sell you.

    • HybridXg says:

      Well I mean if you drink like boiling water then possibly, though even then I don’t know the coronaviruses temperature limit but most diseases can’t stand that hot of temperatures but neither can you so, I mean if you want to burn your throat.

    • spiritbx1337 says:

      I mean, the water drinking thing makes sense, unfortunately, unless you are somehow exposed to the virus, but only get a few in your mouth and not your lung or eyes or anything, it’s not gonna help.

    • Coleen Parsons says:

      I’d rather have people encouraging others to drink more water than bleach.

  9. Led Trousers says:

    Oh wow I love not being able to trust our top elected official in time of crisis

    • ShaddowSabbath says:

      @Trickbaby Your insane love for Donald Trump is somewhat of a problem, when people like you exist and stan for Trump worse than any Kpop fan does then there is clearly a problem in society.
      You’re the kind of idiot that would flip his shit and call anyone criticizing Trump on any of the many things worth criticizing him for a Libtard and say “orange man bad”, despite not knowing their actual political leaning and most likely making you look like a jackass.

    • Kiarra Curtis says:

      As an Australian, I understand

    • HybridXg says:

      Trickbaby there have been experiments to prove that co2 does “catch” more energy as well as many other chemicals, like methane, that is why we know it’s a problem. Chemistry uses physics, they aren’t different things. The milankovitch cycles right now is actually, in tilt, decreasing meaning less solar energy is actually hitting earth and since we are on a almost perfectly circular path we have the same amount of energy hitting us no matter where we are. Precession doesn’t really change the climate of the whole earth just one part of it but all the of world is affected so you can’t blame it on that either.



    • Chris Goody says:

      Funny how your letting this go worse than war of the worlds, lol

    • 10k subs with no videos LETS GOO says:

      Led Trousers same https://youtu.be/DOeuIqaic3U raise awareness

  10. BicheRobot says:

    This whole coronavirus thing is getting crazier everyday. I can’t believe I’m alive to see this!

  11. Tea With Tams says:

    Susan: We are demonetizing you for talking briefly about the Coronavirus

    Phil: Makes a whole video ONLY about the Coronavirus

  12. Panndia says:

    They laughed at me for my hermit like life style and now who’s the only one with the lung capacity to laugh? Hahahaha

  13. Alex Shaw says:

    I like the little “This is the End.” thrown in there XD XD XD I laughed.

  14. Phoebe Yang says:

    Just for a second, I thought Phil was implying we were all gonna die with “ya this is the end” 12:31

  15. Natty says:

    I’ll be honest, Phil: I think you’re the one news source that isn’t causing me to panic

    • Arthera says:

      cause he remembers what news was suppose to be. not some sensational bs show

    • CyanideLollipop says:

      Here in Washington State we have reason to panic. The virus is hitting us hard.

    • Pauline Ong says:

      CyanideLollipop it really is. i go to uw and came back home to california last week. in that time one student has tested positive and i’m sure a lot more are currently testing. i feel like it would’ve been better to just quarantine all of us since now i’m worried i’m spreading the virus without symptoms

    • CyanideLollipop says:

      @Pauline Ong In situations like yours, you didn’t have a choice to go back home to California, and I fully empathize with your worry. I stopped sending my middle-schooler to school a couple weeks ago, and just yesterday they FINALLY shut down the Seattle school district. Today I have to take the bus into downtown Seattle and I’m nervous. I have heart and lung disease. I’m trying not to panic, but it’s so hard not to, ya know?
      Be safe, and remember; it’s better to be too careful than not careful enough!! 💚💙

    • 10k subs with no videos LETS GOO says:

      Natty this is insane https://youtu.be/DOeuIqaic3U

  16. Tricillion says:

    Phil: ”Unless the power and internet go out”
    South Africa: 😐

  17. Don't Askme says:

    Phil: don’t panic.
    Me: oh, whew.
    Phil:this is the end.
    Me: OH MY GOD!!!1!

  18. Folk Laure says:

    Phil : “ I hope these videos aren’t causing you to panic.”

    Me : *slowly puts 38th pack of toilet paper back on shelf 😳

  19. Natrolleon Bonerfart says:

    Phil: Don’t freak out

    Phil: This is the end
    Everyone: *freaks out*

  20. Vic Cad says:

    Philip: (jokingly), “this is the end”

    Me: laughing…slowly starts pondering…..”is…this the end?”

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