We Need To Talk About The Las Vegas Shooting…

We Need To Talk About The Las Vegas Shooting…

GoFundMe for Las Vegas Victims: https://www.gofundme.com/dr2ks2-las-vegas-victims-fund
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Mass Shooting in Las Vegas:

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-Go Fund Me for Las Vegas Victims: https://www.gofundme.com/dr2ks2-las-vegas-victims-fund
-Donate Blood with United Blood Services: https://www.bloodhero.com/
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20 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    Sometimes reporting on these things hits me hard. I know I’ve said it before, and I’ll continue to say it but please call, text, email, or better yet tell someone in person you love them today. The world can be so cruel and our time isn’t guaranteed. In case someone hasn’t said it to you today, I love ya, Nation. <3

  2. Giant Turd says:

    Ridiculous how many guns he had that were all Legal just modified weapons

  3. Freedom Cobra says:

    They coulda killed the concert lights! Basically flood lights on the poor people below

  4. John Swanson says:

    How nice of you to not mention what’s your personal opinion on gun control.

  5. ZaffiroAiLa says:

    Facts are facts you don’t NEED an automated weapon like that to “protect” yourself. We need better laws on background checks and blocking out the possibility of purchasing these type of weapons.

  6. Debbie Kemp says:

    Simply go to google and type: *gexxguides* You will receive the only real working clash of clans working method by 2017

  7. Ethan Smithson says:

    “do Wheuaghtt??” ‘unaware of ur weight?? where r u From??”

  8. jacobianmail says:

    Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

  9. Kami84 says:

    Listen to the “Science VS” podcast episode on gun control. There’s a way to let people have guns AND have gun control that reduces gun violence. Australia did it and the US can do it too.

  10. Andy Pandy says:

    dam havent watched your vids in years, you got fat good vid btw

  11. zeldafan1002 says:

    you know, sometimes we really don’t need to talk about this

  12. Erin says:

    Just a quick clarification, its not the *rarest* blood types that are most needed, its O- and O+. The former is useful to everyone, and is quite rare. The latter is useful to the vast majority of recipients, and is very common. Having – blood, of any type, is relatively rare, so O+ people (roughly 35-40% of the population) should be encouraged to donate, if they can. O+ blood can be given to, like, 85% of recipients. Not that very rare blood types, like AB-, shouldnt also donate, even though it can only be given to other AB- people. Just that a lot of people dont realize the most common blood type is really, really useful and needed.

  13. rdmprotey says:

    Gun control won’t do shit. Not only will criminals get illegal weapons to still commit murder, they can use other things like trucks ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2016_Nice_attack ), home made bombs ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boston_Marathon_bombing ), chemical weapons ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tokyo_subway_sarin_attack ), etc. Look at what is involved not only in this instance of mass murder, but also the others. These are not things they did on a whim; these events are planned and require a large amount of effort to make happen (the fully automatic weapon used in this case requires a lot of money to obtain and keep, has to have been made before 1986 (so there isn’t many left), requires a type 2 permit from ATF that takes a long time to get), and many other requirements. So basically, if someone wants to commit mass murder, there isn’t really anything you can do to stop it. If these people can’t use firearms they will use other things… and as such, all this boils down to is people trying to violate other’s rights when it won’t do any good by doing so.

    If you want to actually make a change to try and reduce the probability of these types of things happening… you’d have to change society in how they behave and how they raise their kids. People need to stop sleeping around so kids don’t grow up without a father or mother. Parents need to stop relying on daycare to take care of their kids for the majority of the week. Parents need to not abuse their kids. Parents need to actually be there for their kids to teach them how to be decent, responsible, and self-reliant people. Just letting school/TV/internet raise your kids is not cutting it. I’m not excusing what this guy did, just stating this so that people can have an idea why he might have done this: among other things, he grew up in a pretty messed up home (his dad was a criminal, escaped prison, and was on the FBI’s most wanted list when this shooter was growing up).

  14. love Grace says:

    Sin Cities (New Orleans & Las Vegas)

    Both New Orleans and Las Vegas are commonly called “Sin City”. And now the worst hurricane in the United States and the worst mass shooting in recent U.S. history took place in the cities known for sin. But what should be the human response? Answer: Forsake sin and turn to the blessed LORD and Glorious SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST and follow HIM always everyone. AMEN.


  15. TheScorpigal says:

    Vegas blood donation centers are not taking any more blood donations.

  16. ThAdonis says:

    Today can be good. Stop this fucking constant blame game and do something kind for someone today. See how it makes you feel.

  17. Just Sub says:

    Don’t touch this

  18. Heosphoros Shadow walker says:

    Thank you for not rambling on about gun control. So many people spout off at the mouth not knowing the reality of what they are saying

  19. Leo Tsisin says:

    Terrorism absolutely must be politically motivated. If it isn’t, than it’s just mass murder, attempted murder, vandalism etc. … Terrorism means using terror as a tool of submission. You don’t even have to kill, or hurt anyone. If you’re trying to frighten a mass of people in order to make them submit to your agenda, you’re a terrorist. Anything else is a different kind of crime.

  20. Barrobroadcastmaster says:

    The gun he used was illegally modified, this is not a gun control issue, yet the left still never misses an opportunity to attack the NRA.

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