We Owe you Guys an Explanation…

We Owe you Guys an Explanation…

We will always have so much appreciation and love for ALL of you guys, no matter what you decide. Thank you for everything.

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20 Responses

  1. Nos says:

    I would never ever unsubscribe you

  2. Reuben Stump says:

    Remember: Quality over Quantity. Always.

    Love you guys.

  3. Captain Mittens says:

    I think your content has gotten better

  4. theSHOENICE says:

    last time i was this early, shoenice22 was still relevant

  5. Ahmed Ismail says:

    dude who said people are hating your new videos, your maximum dislikes on
    your videos are like only 2k-3k which basically are the same haters on
    every single video, I don’t think your channel is doing bad in fact it’s
    growing day by day, so just keep up the good spirit you guys are doing
    well, papa bless

  6. LightningSword13 says:

    People still say they miss the old H3H3/Ethan. Heck, I miss the old
    Pewdiepie, I miss the old Vanoss, I miss the old Tobuscus. Smosh changed so
    much. Guess what, everyone changes guys.

  7. Ben Hill says:

    Leafy made you stop just say it.

    You dont want to be leafy.

  8. molag bal says:

    you dont need to freak out, you made one video people thought was great but
    a few people didn’t like… dont worry, make the content you like making,
    if they dont like a video there’s hundreds more to watch. also the like to
    dislike ration on the gold video was great, well over 90% likes to
    dislikes! love ya

  9. AceTiara says:

    You both are my favourite YouTubers! ❤️ King & Queen of Dank Memes. ?

  10. OzTralius says:


  11. Kevin Staley says:

    Dude I love all the content. You both are magical and hilarious. Pappa

  12. Булат Маснавиев says:

    H3H3, If you finally decide to quit youtubing, you could let me use your
    chan, so i could post vids, in which i disect jelly animals with a scalpel.

  13. Clown Is Coming says:

    2000 random people who like this will find $100,000 tomorrow

  14. Sean Nanoman says:

    What about making ‘Hero-Reaction’ videos? Find some kid who has a good head
    on their shoulders who is also being trashed by a YT a-hole and back them
    up. You have many subscribers backing you up and you could direct them to
    support people rather than attack people. Or at least get them to attack
    the bullies.

  15. TheMetroidKing says:

    Whatever y’all do, here’s hoping you have fun with it. Don’t stress

  16. Samuel L Jackson says:

    Keep doing reaction videos on music vids or other content. It’s
    non-personal and non-YT related cause artists don’t care cause they get
    paid anyway and any atention is a gift to them… More DJ Khaled style
    retarded song clips. The reaction vids were gold.

  17. desena1991 says:

    its time for a sex tape

  18. 3DiFilms says:

    Is it just me or is Ethan still a bit golden?

  19. Str8manballtouch says:

    Am I the only one thinking Ethan looks fucking gorgeous?

  20. Arthur Johnson says:

    Respect. YouTube needs to be genuine again