We Played in a PGA Tour Pro-Am | Farmers Insurance Open

We Played in a PGA Tour Pro-Am | Farmers Insurance Open

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28 Responses

  1. Grant Horvat Golf says:

    What a day! Thanks to the PGA Tour for letting us come out

    Incase anyone is wondering, Due to PGA Guidelines we couldn’t film Scott’s swing

    • Greg Davis says:

      @Christopher Halbersma Again, we’re not talking about the players using their own footage, we’re talking about third parties such as Grant Horvat Golf. The players sign contracts for these things when they make it onto the tour so, that is a complete non-issue.

    • uNkLeRaRa4 says:

      @Tom I said “that’s why it exists”, not that I watch it. I don’t watch either aside from highlights, YouTube golf is way more entertaining lol

    • Christopher Halbersma says:

      @Greg Davis

      > the PGA stands to lose significantly and so would the players.

      Citation needed. There’s no reason that a license couldn’t be crafted to allow players to use their own highlights. Especially if they forced like a 2-6 week embargo on them.

    • Furniture & Things Kimmel says:

      Where can I send a life time supply of tees …? Lol

    • Tom says:

      @uNkLeRaRa4 said the 3 people watching liv golf 🤣


    Awesome! Best tournament Pro-Am! We have done it twice and won once when Tiger and Phil were in it. Hope you get that W!

  3. Erndog Golf says:

    I know they’re playing Torrey and that’s amazing on its own, but the boys just look very happy. Super stoked for them

    • Erndog Golf says:

      @Daniel V No way! Super cool you got to watch them. I met Matt and Stephen once and they were super cool. How were the rest of the guys?

    • Daniel V says:

      @Erndog Golf I got to watch them do the 2v2v2v2v2 knockout and when Matt and tig got knocked out first he literally went to the previous hole and followed behind playing each hole taking about 5 shots and playing the best one, it would suck if it happened at a course with public play tho

    • Erndog Golf says:

      @Atari Pwki I agree, and I can’t blame them. Every time Micah got knocked out of a challenge early I felt so bad. Being on the course and not being able to golf would grind my gears lol

    • Atari Pwki says:

      feel like grant and micah much prefer competitive, classical and technical golf, where at good good or was mainly entertainment

    • Tim Nelcin says:

      Yea golfing for a living i would be happy too

  4. CurvingTexas says:

    Grant your positive attitude even when you’re spraying or leaving stuff short is insane! As someone who is used to doing that off a higher HC it’s admirable to see

  5. Cole says:

    You got me into golf Grant just got my first set of clubs can’t wait till spring!

  6. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Thanks for bringing us the kind of content Youtube didn’t know it was waiting for guys! Great to see you two doing the thing you love most: playing good golf!

  7. Lucas Hotz says:

    Classic Grant on the first tee box “gotta tee tig?” 😂 💀

  8. Charles Jamieson says:

    You guys are a great duo! Hope you continue to connect and share the load of content creation.

  9. Jordan Black says:

    Only 30 seconds in…this is freaking awesome man, congrats to you guys!

  10. Rey Rosas Golf says:

    You and Micah are killing it. And it’s only up from here, congrats! 🔥

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