We Played Minecraft Using Dance Mats…

We Played Minecraft Using Dance Mats…

Jack & Tommy try to play Minecraft using Dance Mats as the controller. They one rule is they CANNOT use their hands!

This was honestly one of the most physically challenging videos I’ve recorded to date and it was literally playing Minecraft lol. It was SO funny!

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Edited by: @Wheatskins


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44 Responses

  1. OwO says:

    This is what happens when you don’t use a good gaming chair. Your skills at the game become bad.

  2. Leontine van Eikenhorst says:

    Chat: Tommyinnit died by zombie
    Me thinking that they where on Jack’s minecraft account

  3. Giordania ! says:

    alternative title: Jack and Tommy act like brothers for ten minutes

  4. Supreme says:

    Dancing your way to Victory has never been more real until now

  5. iStealth says:

    Jack’s content never gets boring, anyone else agrees? 😀

  6. Kathryn Lumb says:

    “You can’t play minecraft without your hands”

    *Enter George with his feet*

  7. Liu Jie says:

    Camera guy: Where should I point the camer-
    Jack: _feet._

  8. Ashlee Ludin says:

    Tommy: “in bread.. IN BREAD IN BREAD”
    *Jack stares at Tommy*
    Tommy: Wait……. sorry

  9. Soenner says:

    A bit off-topic and not important but:
    *intense your turn to die flashbacks*

  10. Lonely Sandwich says:

    Tommy: Forcibly pours water on Jack’s mat
    Also Tommy: *Oops, I dribbled.*

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