We Reveal Our Texting Habits • Ladylike

We Reveal Our Texting Habits • Ladylike

“Texting your crush is like playing tennis for people who don’t know how to play tennis.”

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63 Responses

  1. life with my bubbas says:

    Haven’t ever clicked on a video so fast ????

  2. Kamila Klobuch says:

    Down below some Kids are learning to count. You’re going down on your own responsibility.

  3. Julia Borisovsky says:

    *sees kristin and chantel*
    *clicks faster than the speed of light*

  4. Zsuzsanna Szabó says:

    i have that wierd habit that i send memes and vines instead of texts.

  5. Emma Chandler says:

    i love you guys so much like if agree!!

  6. Dani The Fiend says:

    Chantels hair = goals.

  7. maddy cronis says:

    wait i thought kristin was married!?

  8. bunnies,fish and gigi wright says:

    Wow…..so I am the person that texts around 5 sentences BUUUT in 5 separate texts…yeah my freind’s hate me cus I can say things like
    “I absolutely HATE her”
    then they will say who at the EXACTLY same time so it’s like:
    ” Them:who Me:AMY”
    OR I am the type of texter that will always shorten words.

  9. Shel Does Art says:

    Kristen is the soundtrack to my life

  10. GamerGirl897 says:

    anyone else hate it when (small youtubers) comment things then

    space out to like here and say they’re small youtubers?

    no shade but shade

    btw i used to be a small youtuber

    sike nah

  11. Melissa Taylor says:

    Where’s Kristen’s wedding ring?

  12. Bangtan Bananas says:

    I text like
    [How are you]
    [Igot some news to tell you]
    When others would be like
    [Hi how are you? I got some news to tell you]

  13. Heng Hui Mei says:

    If you’re into someone, how long do you usually wait to respond to their texts?

    I can’t wait.

  14. PeridotNYA says:

    I didn’t know some people thought “k” or ok, or okay, were like passive aggressive? Isn’t it just a confirmation?I understand the passive aggressive scenario this “k” would fall under, but I think nuances that people assume from a text can be really misleading and presumptuous sometimes. I get so flustered when someone assumes I meant something I didn’t say in text message and then that person is mad at me, like it’s my fault they made themselves upset.

  15. Brianna Schutte says:

    I was texting my boyfriend and he stopped replying for like 2 days straight so I did a lil snooping cuz I was worried about him and I texted one of his friends that he’s told me about and come to find out he’s never said anything about me to anyone and he’s dating some other girl

  16. Sophie Kuhn says:

    My now boyfriend literally texted me while he was leaving our first date ?

  17. Aslyn Leon says:

    “Hello and happy friday”
    Me:it is sunday?

  18. Ana Fdez says:

    Okay, I feel like I need to say something but I didn’t want to be mean so I’ll try my best.
    Are you girls doing other projects and stuff? Because lately the production of the ladylike videos is a lot more laid back and I wonder if it’s you trying new things or because you’re doing something else. Also I miss the videos in which you were all together.
    I still love your more laid back videos because it is entertaining to watch you guys’ relationships with one another, but I’m legit worried ladylike is going to dissappear sometime in the close future.
    I know you don’t respond to comments very frequently but just worried, I love you guys so much

    • Julia Tolle says:

      Ana Fdez I think they just used up a lot of their 2018 budget already so they need to do a few low cost things in between

    • Ana Fdez says:

      +Julia Tolle omg great theory! Thanks!

    • titi4112 says:

      they said before in another video (not sure which one but I think it was the one where they went to a cabin wo their cell phones.) that are working on doing more bigger projects but b/c they take so much time and money they are doing more of these “filler” eps in between.

    • Ana Fdez says:

      +titi4112omg literally thank goodness because I was legitimately worried

  19. Potassuim_Cation says:

    “K” is better than “please for the love of god stop texting me I don’t want to talk to you”

  20. gabriella says:

    The fact that Kristen read read as read and not read

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