We Should Talk About What James Harrison Did…

We Should Talk About What James Harrison Did…

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51 Responses

  1. Philip DeFranco says:

    I needed to do something a little different today. Love yo faces and see you Monday!

    • NamedMyTaco says:

      Philip DeFranco Please add this link to your video!!! It is a way for citizens to directly donate to the Armed Forces. People are misinformed about blood donations and think that they are “supporting the troops” but unless it it THIS program then the military has to BUY the blood. If you want to know more please reach out to me because it needs to get out there!!! http://www.militaryblood.dod.mil

    • Ethan Matthews says:

      Philip DeFranco Phil you always try to do the right thing and impact a change on the world. I’ve been watching your videos for 6 years and the growth in that time is amazing. If you’re ever in my neck of the woods I owe you beer.

    • Slayer Wolfx says:

      But you can’t see our faces :/
      Jk, amazing video <3

    • eowyn acres says:

      Philip DeFranco. I was able to easily convince my family to not bury me when I die, but to donate any of my organs to whomever neeeds them. And when I turn eighteen I’m going to donate my blood for research purposes and possibly to donate to other people in need.

    • Julie Gardner says:

      Oh my gosh! I’m one oh these babies!

  2. Jazz Taylor says:

    This is actually so beautiful, thank you so much. I’m from Brisbane, Australia and my grandmother had the same terrible thing happen to her. Not long after my dad was born (in 1956) she gave birth to another child and she’s told me stories of holding the baby in her arms, as it turned blue and asking the nurses and doctors for help, but nothing could be done because they didn’t know what was wrong. My grandmother couldn’t have another child until 14 years later (my aunt), when a remedy appeared, and for all I know, the reason my aunt was born could have been all thanks to James Harrison. My dad also has leukemia and knowing the amount of blood he’s had to have put in him, I know it’s so important. He gave blood for years before knowing what he had, and has always had a similar mindset to James Harrison. I’m so thankful to these people and to you for sharing this story, which I actually knew nothing about. I’m also really proud to have all these people around me in Australia, who also think like James Harrison. I know I have AB- blood, one of the rarest blood types, and thanks to this as well, I’m hoping once I turn 18 next year, I’ll also be able to help some one else. I don’t know what to say, this was just really nice, and really conveyed to me how important yet simple giving blood is. Thank you.

  3. Brent Wolff says:

    Thank you so much for this, Phil! I agree that it’s so easy to get bogged down by all the bad but stories about people like James are so incredible and inspiring. This was the perfect pick-me-up for the weekend 🙂

  4. Frank Ocean says:

    Every Friday you should do a positive story. This thrived and it helps after a week of crazy negative news. Thank you

    • scoutiano says:

      Frank Ocean i love this suggestion

    • Frank Ocean says:

      scoutiano it honestly brings a shine of happiness for our weekend. I can handle the truth but sometimes it’s good to get some positives from humanity. Real shit Phillip

    • Bob Pickleson says:

      As long as he doesn’t forget the actual Friday show

    • Rich Marceau says:

      I echo my support for this… right after the updates on the stories of the previous week. End things on a positive note. Even if pre-recorded; many of the potential upbeat stories aren’t all that time-sensitive; you could build up an inventory of such for use when nothing more recent presents itself.

  5. Urban_Foxtrot says:

    *If you feel like helping out the entire planet: share this video!*
    The more people who view this the better, happiness will rise for a brief moment and you would have done something amazing too (by sharing you’ve helped encourage this to many others). Donating is a simple process but it understandably looks scary to some, however sharing the video is also a very simple process and is a way of pushing back the fear of donating! The bigger the crowd of donators/donator supporters the more people will feel safe and happy donating.
    *Not many people like needles, but don’t we all love innocent people’s lives?*

  6. Dan Newman Vlogs says:

    Who the hell “dislikes” this video? lol

    • Nick McGinty says:

      I disliked the video out of spite of your comment. Don’t tell me how to think.

    • SwordsmanRyan says:

      Dan Newman Vlogs I did. This isn’t what I want for the Friday show. If Phil wants to develop this sort of content into another show, fine. I’m not interested, regardless of its uplifting message.

    • PhreezePhoenix says:

      Dan Newman Vlogs Don’t focus on the negatives, focus on the positives. 106k likes to 953 dislikes. Which do you think holds more weight?

    • A_hamburger says:

      I did just because as uplifting as this is its not the news im subscribed for and i dont want this to become a regular thing, normal friday show AND this would be amazing but this video was too short for my taste and i get the bulk of my news from philly so a day of no current events each week (other than weekends) would not be the best for me

    • A_hamburger says:

      thats almost exactly what i said

  7. xWASDMitch says:

    thanks for sharing his story

  8. Dave SUB TRAKTOR Allen says:

    He’s a true hero, and humble to the core.
    Excellent story.
    It’s nice to hear stories like this that reaffirm our faith in humanity.

  9. Monkeysrock says:

    Ive donated blood once during high school and it completely shut me down for the day. I was told I just needed food but seven sandwiches and half a gallon of juice later I still wasn’t back to normal. Apparently I have a very slow recovery time when it comes to blood. That was the only time I’ve donated blood. If I ever want to again, I need to do nothing else, and working often makes that hard.

    This man is amazing. Over 1100 donations. I’d like to know how much they take with each donation and see how many times he’s donated himself to other people. And the fact that he’s so humble about it makes it even better. Like, of course He’d donate. Why not? It’s just amazing. Saved so many babies and he’s just like yeah I can do that.

    • Evija3000 says:

      I think they take about half a liter normally, not sure how it is with giving plasma. In any case he’s donated hundreds of liters of blood…

    • Fluffy Bunny says:

      First and last time I donated blood I passed out. The nurse recommended that I’d refrain from donating unless its unavoidable.

    • Emma Stanley says:

      I had the same experience, but it was my fault. I went in thinking it wouldn’t happen right away because my friends had to wait (they went on vacation in a risky country or had a percing done a few months ago) but they took me right away and it had been a long day, I was dehydrated and I weight just about 50 kg. I honestly thought I would faint in the public transport on my way home. But I’ll do it again soon, probably after my exams, making sure I’m well rested and had enough water. Here in Belgium they say summer is the worst period because there are less donations. Which makes sense, a lot of people might be busy or out of the country 🙂

    • jamoecw says:

      when i did it in ‘A’ school (right out of boot camp) they took a liter and i passed out. i was light headed for about an hour afterwords, then i was fine. a big part probably was a lack of sleep (couldn’t get 8 hours due to musters), and that i am right on the edge for being under weight. it seems it is also more than normal taken as well. plenty of people did it just fine though so for most people it isn’t a big deal.

    • Josh Stoessel says:

      He had plasma dont so it wasnt as bad. Ir cycles out his red blood cells in puts the rest back in. The red blood cells are considered the fighting cells. They attack any threat in the body. Its also a little easier on your body.

  10. joev816 says:

    If you “thumb down” this video, wrap yourself in bubble and hope you nevet need a drop. Great story and video sir.

  11. MissWWEFan13 says:

    Donating blood helps cancer patience like myself so please donate 🙏🏼

  12. ImagineThat says:

    @Philip DeFranco What about a change up for a little while. Do “Good Friday” and Monday reviews. Use Monday to do a wrap up of previous stories, and run good uplifting stories on Friday to send us off on a good weekend?

  13. Jandor Captain says:

    Talk about Tommy Robinson pls…

  14. Raphael Robles says:


    Demonetized, Phil. You said the word “blood” which instigates violence cause it makes people think of bleeding, which might possibly make you think of someone being injured, which isn’t good at all. Why would you wanna think of hurting someone?

    Meanwhile on network TV:

    Law and Order SVU: “looks like we found semen and fecal matter in the victims ear canal.”

    “Looks like the victim has anal contusions.”

    Do you understand why you’re advertiser unfriendly, Phil? And why network TV isn’t advertised unfriendly? Do you UNDERSTAND!!!

  15. Al- Fenomeno17 says:

    More of this please!

  16. MC. Gemstone says:

    As the old saying goes…Not all heroes wear capes! So yeah he’s a magic man~ 😀

  17. Rump Buffalo says:

    bamf of the decade

  18. Luis Prado says:

    My college health course gives extra credit for donating blood.

  19. How To Make Sushi says:

    *That was nice.*

  20. Saskia says:

    What an incredible man 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 I felt genuinely emotional listening to him. So interesting to me as well because I was under the impression that you couldn’t donate blood if you’d have a transfusion 👍🏻

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