We shouldn’t have milked this 🚫🥛

We shouldn’t have milked this 🚫🥛

Cows have a lot of milking utility, as it turns out. 🐮🥛

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Intro and additional music by Harry Foster

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41 Responses

  1. Sergeant NerfsALot says:

    Ashes to ashes, milk to milk

  2. Dom6 says:

    I don’t know how much the power hour cleaning crew is getting payed for their job. But whatever it is it’s not enough

  3. Omni Williams says:

    Was anyone else genuinely excited to see Dan branch out and taste test this episode

  4. JotakuToys says:

    The little smile Arin gives when he knows he likes something that, FACTUALLY, should taste disgusting.

  5. Silver Comics says:

    It’s always an unpleasant time whenever the Grumps do anything with food

    • HashSl1ng1ngSlasher says:

      I love how the food episodes range the gambit between “some of the funniest and best episodes they’ve ever done” all the way to “so disgusting that I swear off the channel for a couple months.”

    • Clumsy Ninja says:

      ​@HashSl1ng1ngSlasher frrrr. Especially when they add those unnecessary goopy sound effects

  6. Em 💜💛 says:

    I’M IN TEARS OVER ARIN SAYING “beef jerky Kermieee” 😂😂😂

  7. jUDDERbUd says:

    “If we had more seaweed farms we could solve a lot of the world problems.” – Arin Hanson 2023

    • GamerSapph's Speedpaint + Animations says:

      Fun fact: Japan is not the only country to use seaweed as a green veggie in their cuisine!!!

      Ireland, Spain, South Korea, Chile, and coastal regions of Africa also have seaweed dishes, mostly soups.

    • Fernando D says:

      ​@GamerSapph’s Speedpaint + Animationswow, that was a nice fact

  8. Korsha89 says:

    Took me this long to realize The Grumps channel is Arins chance to be Not-So-Grump while Dan is Grump

    • Manigeitora says:

      “Hey I’m grump, I’m easily-amused-by-the-suffering-of-grump, aaaaaand this is 10 minute power hour”

  9. Static says:

    I like how Dan hates almost every single Flavor
    Meanwhile Arin is nearly un phased and actually kind of enjoying them

    • NeRethil Wolfsson says:

      We must recognize the achievement of the Power Hour crew for reaching Arin’s limit with the seaweed and beef jerky!

    • Manigeitora says:

      tbh I wonder how much of that is Arin challenging his own acting skills by acting like he enjoys something he hates

    • BunnE says:

      Arin’s always been our gross little video game boy, we should honestly expect it

    • Trackpad says:

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone _instantly_ hate food the way Dan does. For most people it takes a second or two to process.

  10. septicsushi18 says:

    “i will not accept that this is the threshold for weinerdom” sums up every 10mph that’s ever existed

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